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  • Engine
    6.75 litre V12 engine
  • bhp
  • 0-100 km/h
  • top speed

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The 8 Generations Of The Rolls Royce Phantom

The Rolls Royce Phantom has been a staple in the car market for almost a century. During this time, there have been 8 different models of the Phantom released to the public market. Each of these models is distinctive and has its own history that you should know about.

The Phantom I

The Phantom I was the first model of the Rolls Royce Phantom to be produced. Sales of this car started in 1925 and it was built in both the United Kingdom and the United States. The Phantom was set to replace the Silver Ghost, which gave it a lot to live up to. The Silver Ghost had been named the best car in the world in 1913.

The Phantom II

The Phantom II was made available to the public in 1929 and used an upgraded Phantom I engine along with a new chassis. The appeal of this new model Phantom was increased when one was gifted to Marlene Dietrich in 1930. This gifted car last changed owners in 2012 for just over £400,000.

The Phantom III

The Phantom III was a landmark car as it was the first of the V12 Rolls vehicles. It was also the last car to be made by the company while still overseen by Henry Royce. The Phantom III became available in 1936 and during testing was able to achieve a speed of 87.5 miles per hour.

The Phantom IV

The first Phantom IV which was made was presented to Princess Elizabeth in 1950. This was just after Rolls Royce replaced Daimler as the supplier of cars for the royal family. There were only ever 18 Phantom IV models build and this was done exclusively for heads of state and the English royal family.

The Phantom V

The Phantom V had an extended run of 516 units and was first available in 1959. Many people compared this model with its predecessor and it would often found wanting. However, the Phantom V's place in history was sealed with the psychedelic one that belonged to John Lennon.

The Phantom VI

The Phantom VI was first made in 1968 and was the last of the Phantom models to be made while Rolls Royce was British-owned. This model is also the longest-living of the Phantom range being offered to the public for 22 years. It is also the only car in the Rolls Royce lineup that served 2 companies, Rolls Royce Ltd and Rolls Royce Motors.

The Phantom VII

In 1998, BMW purchased the Rolls Royce name and 5 years later released the Phantom VII. This model has a 13-year production run which has cemented it as one of the longest-serving cars of the time.

The Phantom VII

The latest version of the Rolls Royce Phantom is set to be released in 2018. This version of the iconic car is set to offer levels of comfort which have not been seen before. It is also the second version to be built by BMW and has been 6 years in the making.