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Rent a Ferrari in Johannesburg

If you are planning on making the journey to Johannesburg in the near future for business or pleasure you are in for a real treat. One simply does not know the beauty and excitement that is waiting for them upon arrival in this glorious destination. From museums depicting the struggles of apartheid in the area to the thrill rides of Gulf Ride City, there truly is something for everyone. While many of the main attractions can be accessed via Johannesburg's public transportation system or a hotel shuttle, some of the unique areas can be found off the beaten path. In order to visit those, you are going to need a car rental. While many of these can be accessed via any type of car, why not do it in style? You can hire a Ferrari in Johannesburg and have a truly exotic vacation.

Having The Right Documentation

As of this writing, a United State's driver's license is all that is required to rent a car and drive on South African roads. However, that can change and in the future, an international driver's license may be required. It is in your best interest to contact local authorities of those who you are booking the majority of your trip through for more information.

Understanding Your Insurance Needs

It is advisable to contact your insurance agent before leaving the country to see if your current insurance is adequate of another country. You do have some options available with insurance. You can accept the policy that is offered with the car, which may be your best option. Or you have the ability to take out travel coverage through an auto club or credit card. Having the right coverage is an absolute essential while driving in another country that you are not familiar with.

Understand The Rules Of The Road

Many times it seems that driving in your own hometown is a challenge. That can grow exponentially once you leave the country. It is important to understand the basic of driving in Johannesburg before you get into your Ferrari! There is a general rule of driving anywhere in South Africa and that is 'keep left, pass right'. If you can remember that simple mantra, you are already half way there!

You will also want to remember that everything is going to be measured in litres and kilometres. So be sure you fill up with sufficient gasoline before really exploring Johannesburg. Stay off mobile phones as they are illegal while wearing a seatbelt is required for all those in the front and back seats. A Ferrari is built to take advantage of the higher speeds that are allowed on area roads. One can easily hit 75 mph on the freeway, while most secondary roads allow a speed of 60 mph. If you keep these simple rules and regulations on your mind, you are poised to have an incredible time. Go ahead and rent a Ferrari in Johannesburg and see what wonders you can find in this magical city.

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