3 Areas To Consider When Vacationing In Marbella, Spain

Written by: mihir

Are you considering a trip to the beautiful city of Marbella Spain? The city offers plenty of attractions and landmarks for tourists to take in, and choosing which ones to visit can be a difficult choice as a result. In this article, you'll learn about some of the more popular destinations you should consider when vacationing there.

Marbella is a coastal resort town located on the Mediterranean Sea. With the Sierra Blanca Mountains in the background providing a nice contrast to the sandy beaches, Marbella lends itself well to hire an exotic luxury car and used to be a tourist destination primarily for the rich and famous only. That is no longer the case today. The city now offers a diverse selection of hotels and activities at various price points, making it a popular choice for rich and middle-class alike. One popular activity is touring the Marbella Old Quarter.

The Marbella Old Quarter is a great place to check out when you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the more crowded locations in Marbella, especially in the mornings. It livens up as the day goes on however, so get there early to avoid the afternoon crowds.

The Marbella Old Quarter features old cobbled streets, small intimate restaurants, and quirky shops for locally made trinkets and souvenirs. The main square is filled with orange trees that give off sweet pleasant smell when the trees are in bloom. This makes the perfect setting for grabbing a table, having a seat and a cold drink while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere. However, if it's a more upscale atmosphere you desire, consider Puerto Banús.

The Puerto Banús Marina is where the rich and famous celebrity crowd comes to play. The restaurants and boutiques here are much more upscale than those found in the Marbella Old Quarter, and the prices definitely reflect it. This is one of the more expensive places to visit in Marbella, and is likely not affordable for most. Still, if seeing how the other half lives while hoping to catch a glimpse of your favorite celebrity or Prince appeals to you, a visit to the Puerto Banús Marina may be just what you are looking for.

If it's a beach atmosphere with a younger crowd you're after, Marbella has plenty to choose from. One of the preferred locations for this demographic is Playa El Cable. This beach, also known as Bounty Beach, typically has a live DJ pumping out tunes to keep the youthful vibe going. There's also access to a beach bar that serves all the most popular drinks. These two things together make Playa El Cable  seem like a nightclub on the beach, which would explain the appeal to the younger crowd.

Marbella Spain is a great destination choice for anyone considering a vacation on the Mediterranean Sea. It has something to offer for both rich and middle-class, young and old, from beautiful sandy beaches to quiet laid-back towns that remind you of a different time. Whichever appeals to you, you are sure to find it in Marbella.