4 Historic Places In Milan For Tourists

Written by: mihir

Milan is one of Italy's most famous cities. It is popular with tourists from all around the globe and an iconic location in the world of fashion. If you are planning a vacation to the city, you need to make sure you find time to visit at least 4 historic places in Milan during your trip. Like all European countries, Italy is full of historical buildings and artifacts from centuries ago.

The Last Supper

If you want to see Leonardo da Vinci’s most famous mural, The Last Supper, you need to book in advance. The mural is one of the most iconic images in the world and is something you really should take the time to see while you are in Milan.

Duomo Cathedral

This extravagant Gothic cathedral is arguably one of the most impressive buildings in Milan. It's interior is just as impressive as its exterior, which took over 600 years to complete.

There are lots of other historic places in Milan that you need to add to your must-see list. Take the time to do some research using a reputable online travel guide. You can then create a daily itinerary for your vacation, so you don't miss out of seeing any of the best attractions.

Tourist Safety

Milan is a relatively safe place for tourists. One of the main crimes likely to affect tourists in the city is pickpocketing. The city's streets tend to be busy at night, which means it's generally safe for visitors to walk around as there are always other people around. There is a vast public transport network and buses run all through the night. While Italian is obviously the official language of the region, you will find that most people can speak some English. This means you should not have any trouble communicating if you need help.


Milan is a cosmopolitan city and has a dynamic nightlife scene. One of the most famous nightclubs in the city is Magazzini Generali. It first opened in 1995 and spans three floors. The venue has a capacity of 1000 people. It began its life as an abandoned warehouse, so there is no dress code and it's a lot more relaxed than other Milanese nightclubs. DJs from around the world have performed at the club.

Hotel Accommodation

You can save money on  Milan hotel accommodation by looking for last minute deals. Fortunately, there are now lots of easy-to-use websites that make it easy for you to compare room rates for just about all the hotels in the city in under thirty seconds. Luxury hotels in the city can be very expensive. The Four Seasons Hotel is located just 9 km from the international airport and it has a 5-star rating. There are some budget hotels in the city, but they tend to fill up quickly during special events. Hotel Central Station, for example, offers simple dorms and rooms for budget prices. It has a 1-star rating, but rates start from just $30 per night. Make sure you check out reviews from previous guests before you book your accommodation in Italy.