A cultural Trip To The French Riviera: 4 Historic Places in Monaco

Written by: mihir

While you might think of Monaco as Europe's playground for the world's elite, filled with casinos and exclusive clubs, there are actually lots of great historic places to visit in the region. So, if you are planning a more cultured trip to the French Riviera, you might want to learn more about the top 4 Historic places in Monaco.

Prince's Palace

The Moroccan royal family resides in Prince's Palace. This 13th-century residence is open to the public on a seasonal basis. It was built in 1191, so it a great historical landmark to visit.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral

The Monaco Cathedral took several decades to build and construction began in 1875. It was erected on the site of a Parish church from 1252. It is the resting place of Prince Rainier, Grace Kelly, and many Grimaldi family members. The structure is as impressive inside as it is externally.

Sainte-Dévote Church

Records show that this Church could originate from 1070. It's a good landmark to visit if you want to get away from the grandeur of central Monaco.

Hotel de Paris

This building opened in 1863. It has been used as a set for many feature films. So, if you are looking for a glamorous historical landmark in Monaco to visit, the Hotel de Paris needs to be added to your must-see list.

There are dozens more historical landmarks and attractions to explore in Monaco. You can find lists of the top ten by searching the internet for travel guides. Keep in mind that many cultural tourist attractions in the French Riviera are free to visit. This means you don't have to spend a lot of money to plan a cultural vacation to the region. Another great thing about traveling to Monaco is that most people in the city speak English. While French is the city's official language, Italian and English are widely spoken. So, you don't have to worry about struggling to communicate during your vacation.

After a day of visiting various Historic Places in Monaco, you might want to head out to the best clubs in the city to experience the European night scene. While many clubs in the city are exclusive, members-only establishments, there are lots of great dance clubs open to the public. One of the most iconic nightclubs is Jimmy'z. The club underwent a complete renovation in 2017 and it is now more popular than it has ever been. It opened in 1971 and hundreds of internationally renowned DJs have performed in it. If you love the electronic dance scene this really is one of the best clubs to visit in Monaco.

Another popular club in the city is Twiga Mote Carlo. You can drink and dance into the early hours at the venue, and during the day it functions as a shisha bar and restaurant. Remember, if you plan on partying in the city, it would be a good idea to go out with a group of people you trust. While Monaco is generally regarded as a safe city, you don't want to make yourself an easy target by going out alone.