Nightlife In Italy: The Best Clubs in Florence

Written by: mihir

The city of Florence is a popular tourist destination in Italy. It is also a great city to enjoy a night out in. This is because it is a generally safe area and locales love socializing with visitors to ensure they enjoy European-style nightlife.

Florence has clubs to suit all sorts of personalities. So, if you are looking to go out for a relaxing quiet drink with friends or enjoy a night of raving on the dance floor, you are sure to find a good venue in the location. Featured below are some of the most popular clubs in Florence:


This bar and dance club has two levels for all different types of parties. The club regularly hosts legendary world-famous DJs and has an awesome sound system. It is a popular venue with locals and young people studying abroad. You can expect to meet a great crowd of people in Tenax. The venue is arguably the best place to go dancing in Florence and it is open till 4 am.


This partying spot has regular themed nights for those who like getting dressed up.

Full Up

This club was very popular in the 1970s, but it has recently been renovated to attract a younger crowd. It does still, however, keep true to its roots and tracks from the disco era are not going away. The seating areas in the club are very stylish and laid back, making this a great club for those who don't want to spend all night on the dance floor.

Flo' Lounge Bar

This venue is only open for nine months each year and it offers crowds the best views of any night club in Florence. It is a more exclusive club, which means you can expect it to be much classier. The dress code is strict and you need to arrive early otherwise you might find it impossible to get in. Each night the line at the door is long, but the wait is worth it. Inside there are fantastic drinks, great beats, and an award-winning buffet. You can spend an entire night at this exclusive venue.

Space Electronic DiscotecaSpace is a great place for those who want to showcase their dance moves. The cover fee is low and covers the cost of your first drink. What's more, there are some nights when women get free entry. It is a safe and fun place to party and the themed nights are always a hit.


This venue is outside of Florence's bustling nightlife scene. It is a good place for those who want to relax with a glass of wine or a stylish cocktail and chat with locals. The wine bar sells a range of local drinks.

Presented above is a small selection of some of the Best Clubs in Florence. If you plan to visit the Italian city soon, make sure that you check out all of the other clubs in the area. Make a note of the happy hour times if you are looking to save money during your nights out.