The Best Nightclubs in Paris, France

Written by: mihir

Paris is a city of lights, beauty, and romance, and each year this city in France brings millions of visitors in from all over the world. And while many, if not most, of these visitors come looking to experience the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, and other famous landmarks located in this city, others are interested in the culture of Paris, as well. Perhaps this is something you are hoping to learn more about. In this article, therefore, we will discuss the best nightclubs in Paris, France for those who would like to paint the town red during their stay.

La Bellevilloise

The first nightclub on our list is quite adaptive. By day, it serves as a center for art and culture, where visitors can experience exhibits, concerts, film screenings, and more, as well as stop by the little cafe on site for a bite to eat. By night, it is transformed into one of the best indie clubs in the city. La Bellevilloise is an important landmark in Paris, having been part of the city since 1877. This part of the city is rapidly becoming hipper and more modern, so you are sure to enjoy a special night here when visiting this club.


Are you looking to enjoy some indie music in one of the edgiest and fun nightclubs in Paris? In that case, you simply must visit Supersonic. This club is located in an old factory and is set to feature three names of musical talent each night. The musical themes vary throughout the week, meaning no matter which night you come you are sure to have a great time. As an added bonus, you can grab cocktails and snacks at a price that will work for your wallet (happy hour serves items for 3.50 euros), including delicious hot dogs!

La Java

This gem of nightlife is part of a historic building in Paris, and it frequently hosts up-and-coming musical talent that you don't want to miss. This is the nightclub for you if you enjoy underground and alternative music. La Java also regularly hosts LGBT nights which have become quite popular, so be sure to check it out when in Paris.


A sensual and sophisticated nightclub nestled in the heart of Paris, this is the place to be when looking for a romantic night out with your significant other. The atmosphere is refined and seductive, and the lounges are luxurious and full of splendor. Taken-Club is known for being one of the choicest locations in Paris, making it a must-see when visiting this part of France.


Open since 2012, Wanderlust is a nightclub that carries a reputation of being beloved and frequented by hipsters, and it truly is a fun and modern place to spend a night out. As an added bonus? This location features a 1,600 square-meter terrace where visitors can gaze up at the stars and get some fresh air.

Paris is much more than just the "City of Lights." It is also a city rich with culture and nightlife. Be sure to visit these exquisite clubs in Paris for a night you won't ever forget.