A Short Guide For The Best Restaurants In Monaco

Written by: mihir

Did you know that Monaco is a country and not a city? It's a city-state alright, but it's a country, too, and is bordered by France. Are you planning on a nice vacation to Monaco? One of its sides is actually bordered by the Mediterranean Sea. You might just have to check out that out while you're there. And of course you're looking for good eats, and I've got five of the top-ranked dining establishments lined up for you when you make your trip to Monaco.

Out of 271 restaurants in Monaco, Blue Bay is ranked #2 and is ranked #1 in Monte Carlo. If you're not familiar with all the geographical areas of Monaco, you're going to be real soon. Just wait until you are traveling around seeing all the sights and sounds. When you visit Blue Bay, you're going to be at the Princess Grace Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort. Do you like a fancy meal? Foie gras and all the delightful extras await you when you stop by Blue Bay for a bite to eat.

What about some delicious Italian food? The place is Amici Miei, and it's located at 16 Quai Jean Charles Rey Fontvielle. People say the atmosphere is inviting, and of course you can expect wonderful and delicious food. Authentic Italian restaurants always have a nice feel to them, don't they? Pasta, salads and more await you, and reviews point to the fact that you are going to enjoy excellent service, too.

How about a blend of French, Mediterranean and European cuisines? That is what you can expect when you visit SenSais. Make your way to 2 Rue Du Portier, and don't worry about the location in terms of sound. Reviews say that it's underneath the main highway in Monaco, but guess what, the building is soundproof. Also, when you take a look at the place, you might think the food is going to be extremely expensive. However, people report that the prices are quite reasonable.

Next up is La Maree, which is located at the Hotel Port Palace. In fact, it's located on the roof! Now that's what I'm talking about rooftop dining. It sounds really nice, doesn't it? You get to enjoy a nice view while you dine on some of the best food in Monaco. If you're going for the overall experience when picking a restaurant, I think this one is definitely a winner.

Rampoldi is the last pick for purposes of this article. Its location is 3 Avenue des Spelugues. Pizza, oysters and risotto are a few of the menu items that people report being delicious. Get ready for more authentic Italian cuisine, which should make for a nice time dining out in Monaco.

Any of the five restaurants mentioned will make for a nice dining experience while vacationing in Monaco. It's time for you to see which place you would like to pick for today. I think no matter which one you go with, you're going to have an excellent time.