Dining Out In Cannes – Top Restaurant Choices

Written by: mihir

Cannes has reputation for hosting movie industry heavyweights at the annual Cannes Film Festival and seeing some of the most beautiful yachts dock at the marina. Along with those beautiful yachts there are also score of beautiful and powerful people that treat Cannes as a second home. Those people who attend the festival and dock at the marina expect only the finest - and that includes dining options. And Cannes delivers. It is home to culinary destinations that serve some of the finest French and Mediterranean cuisine to be found in the area of the South of France.

But it's not all fine dining their are plenty of other options for those who are travelling with their families or on a budget. in fact some smaller family owned restaurants off exceptional value and delicious home style cooking using only the freshest of ingredients. So if you are ever in the Cannes neighborhood - what are some of the dining choices that you should be looking at.

  1. Table 22

Here the star of the show is no doubt the chef, Noël Mantel whose Provencal styles dishes are a delight for both the eye and the taste buds. With dishes such as risotto with veal sauce and the traditional roast lamb ribs there is bound to be something that will delight even the most demanding of gourmand. With side dishes that include such delights as potatoes sauteed with chorizo this dining destination is a simple delight.

  1. Le Bistrot Gourmand

Within site of the city's covered market one would expect this dining venue to take advantage of fresh produce on a seasonal basis- and they do. Even traditionally simple dishes such as fish soup take on a whole new depth of flavor. The lamb is also one of the dishes that the crowds of local fans enjoy. It's always a good bet that is the locals are flocking to a restaurant the food is going to be exceptional Le Bistrot Gourmand is no exception to the this rule.

  1. Da Laura

For those who want to explore something other than the fantastic tastes of France then the equally fabulous tastes of Italy offered at Da Laura should not be missed. this restaurant has been offering rustic pasta dishes as well as other treats since 1992. If a restaurant can stand the test of time then you should expect somethings special. The risotto with truffles sourced from Alba is worthy of special mention.

  1. Le Grain de Sel

This bistro style dinning destination is one of those great venues that provide the diner with an insight into just how locals like to eat. With dishes such as 'chicken breast in morel sauce' and 'salmon Focaccia with a herb cream' the tastes are fresh and the produce is local. As an added bonus the meals are healthy and calorie friendly.

For those in the neighborhood of Cannes stopping of for lunch or dinner is a treat that should not be ignored - your taste buds will thank you.