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Rent an Audi in Antwerp

Belgium is one of those countries that has a lot more to offer then you may initially think. This is a country that is about a whole lot more than truffles and chocolates! In fact, the city of Antwerp is a fine example of everything that Belgium has to offer. Something that the city can certainly be proud to boast about is one spectacular view. It could probably be described as the best view over a city river in the whole of Europe. To get a great picture moment, take the tram from Groenplaats for one stop and then head to the west bank of the Scheldt. From this perfect vantage point you'll be able to gaze over the city, admiring the many beautiful towers.

You will also be able to see the first skyscraper in Europe, the 300 ft KBC Tower. It was built in 1934 and has the Art Deco style that was so popular in New York and Chicago. As well as beautiful architecture, you'll have the chance to enjoy plenty of arts and culture here too. Peter Paul Rubens is the talked-about man here. This artist has shown himself to be a true genius in creating works that truly complement the city's fashion.

Speaking of fashion, if a spot of designer shopping is always part of your agenda when visiting a new city, this one will not disappoint. Recognized as one of the style cities of Europe, this is a location where you'll be sure to make plenty of impulse buys! Once you've planned what activities you plan to put on your itinerary, whether they be shopping, culture, business or history related, it's time to give thought to how you will travel from one attraction to another. Choosing to rent a vehicle for your stay is without a doubt an excellent option.

For instance, why not choose to rent an Audi in Antwerp? The Audi is a car that knows how to please. Built for strength, passionate about road presence, and boasting plenty of features and specifications that allow both the driver and the passengers to indulge in a spot of luxury, the Audi is a car that is hard to beat. If you decide to hire an Audi in Antwerp, you'll be able to set your own agenda for your entire stay. That means you can decide when to set off for the day, where to visit, the order of the attractions you want to see, and how long you will stay at each one.

There won't be a timetable to stick to, an excursion list to meet or the discomfort that comes with public transport or cheap car rental. So if you are heading to Belgium in the near future, be sure to consider Antwerp as your base. Just don't forget that, in addition to setting your itinerary and organizing your accommodation, you need to make sure you have an Audi rental in Antwerp.

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