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Rent a Bugatti in Antwerp

Do you want to spend a luxurious vacation in Antwerp? With our high quality rental services at Apex Luxury Car Hire, we can help you get the most out of your stay in this beautiful city in Belgium. Rent a Bugatti in Antwerp and navigate this historic city in style. This city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Belgium. It is commonly referred to as the “Diamond City.” This is because greater than 70% of all diamonds are traded in this city. In addition, it is the second largest city in the entire country, trailing only Brussels. Aside from the diamond market, the city is also known for its flourishing fashion industry.

During the sixteenth century, Antwerp served an important financial center. Traders from Europe and Asia exchanged their goods in this city. Toward the end of the same century, however, Amsterdam took its place as the leading financial center of the world. But beginning in the twentieth century, the city has been on a serious comeback in terms of economic growth. The local port continues to be an important place where traders buy and sell their commodities. The city is also home to several museums where you can witness its culturally rich history. One of the most popular is the Rubenshuis, which is the residence of Peter Paul Rubens, a baroque painter.

This is where you can see some of his most important artworks. Another museum you should visit is the Museum Plantin-Moretus. It is considered as one of the best museums dedicated to printing. Other must see attractions in the city include Cathedral of Our Lady, Saint Pauls Church, Carolus Borromeus Church, Old Market Square, The Stone, Farmers’ Tower, and the Diamond District. As you can see, you will never run out of beautiful places to visit in Belgium. For this reason, it is highly beneficial to get yourself a reliable rental vehicle. But instead of renting a traditional car, you can choose to spend a fancy vacation by getting yourself a Bugatti rental in Antwerp.

A Bugatti is the dream car of countless sports car enthusiasts. For several years, it has been the definition of luxury, elegance, and impeccable design. This luxury car manufacturer is famed for producing legendary sports vehicles. All of their models are crafted with high precision engineering, innovative technology, and extraordinary performance. They also have that unique exterior your design that allows you to easily distinguish the brand from other luxury car manufacturers.

If you have been dreaming of driving a luxury ride, then this is the perfect opportunity to fulfill your dreams. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we offer a huge range of rental models. These include Grand Sport, Super Sport, Veyron and Vitesse. Some vintage models are also available for rent. If you phone us right now and tell us your preferred model, you can guarantee that we will match you with the Bugatti of your dreams. There is no better way to have a grand vacation then by renting a supercar. Get in touch with us right now and hire a Bugatti in Antwerp.

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