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Rent a Convertible in Antwerp

When was the last time you went on a truly unforgettable vacation? For many of us, it was far too long ago. It is time to break the tedious nature of life and enjoy what is out there. You might have thought about how wonderful it would be to explore the country of Belgium and all that it has to offer. In fact, Antwerp is a gorgeous city in Belgium along the North Sea and River Scheldt. These bodies of water help to make the city one of the largest port cities in Belgium. Throughout the city, there is a host of destinations to enjoy including the Cathedral of our Lady, Central Station, and the Plantin - Moretus museum.

If you have ever traveled to a new country, you know how much anxiety you feel trying to get around. More often than not the public transportation system is confusing or non-existent. Thankfully, in Antwerp, it is rather easy to get around. However, it can be a tad difficult to learn and it doesn't go to all the popular destinations. In addition, you have to deal with someone else's schedule. Who really wants to do that on vacation? The better alternative is to rent a convertible in Antwerp for a fun and exciting vacation.

This Belgian city is a historic city that was actually once fortified. However, today it is a rich city full of art, shopping, and incredible buildings. As you roll the top down on your convertible rental in Antwerp, you can truly immerse yourself in the scent, sights, and culture of this beautiful city. If you have never had the opportunity to visit this beautiful city, we have the ultimate destinations for you to visit below! As you walk along the streets, your eyes will not be able to stop gazing upward at the gorgeous buildings. As you walk, you will be drawn to the tower of the Cathedral of our Lady.

This is a beautiful Roman Catholic church that has never been completed even though construction began in 1352! In fact, it was designed to have two towers as opposed to just the one that greets visitors today. Inside, you will find a host of Reuben masterpieces as well as some of the most beautiful architecture in the city. Not far from the church, you can visit Central Station, considered to be one of the most visually striking working railroad stations in the world. From here you can choose to hop on a train from any of the five platforms or simply sit and enjoy the experience.

In fact, it is said that Central Station has some of the best waffles in all of Belgium. If so, that is quite the feat to behold! Finally, you will want to save some time to enjoy Plantin- Moretus museum. It is in this building that some of the fonts that are still used today were born as well as the art of printing. It is incredible to see these early printing presses. The city is a true delight, regardless of what you do. However, if you want an all out incredible vacation, go ahead and hire a convertible in Antwerp today!

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