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Rent a Hummer in Antwerp

As you know, there about a million places you can take a vacation in this beautiful world. However, if you are thinking about a splendid vacation Belgium, you just may want to consider the city of Antwerp. Surrounded by the North Sea and the River Scheldt, is it not only the largest port city in the area but one of the most beautiful. This once fortified city houses such impressive destinations such as the Plantin - Moretus museum, Central Station, and the Cathedral of our Lady.

As with any vacation, you may be unsure of the transportation system in the city. There is nothing worse than visiting a new city only to find yourself lost 90% of the time! Thankfully, the city itself has an excellent system of trams and buses that will take you to many of the popular locations. However, there is always the problem of having to schedule your itinerary around that of the public transportation system. And there is always that one fear of missing the last tram back to the hotel. There is a better option and that is to rent a Hummer in Antwerp.

You may be wondering why you would have such a need for a Hummer. This hardy car is designed to make you feel indestructible. And while you are learning to navigate your way around the six-lane motorway bypass, you will feel as safe as possible. It is still wise to steer clear of the motorway during rush hour! In addition, a Hummer is just plain fun to drive. If you want to get as close to the North Sea as possible, hop in your Hummer rental in Antwerp, and take a back road right down to the coast. If you are not thinking about getting off the beaten path, let's take a look at some destinations within an easy drive.

One of the first buildings you will likely notice around Antwerp is a beautiful Roman Catholic cathedral known as Cathedral of our Lady. It is a stunning church that was started in 1352 and still is not considered to be complete. In fact, it was designed to have two towers and only one is standing. Whether you choose to enjoy mass or simply tour the building it is an enjoyable experience in town. Another building that is quite hard to miss in town is Central Station. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful buildings in town and is a must-stop destination for the railroad enthusiast.

If you have no need to catch a train or do not care about railway innovation, stop in for some warm waffles and coffee, quite possibly the best in the area!You may want to end your day with a visit at the Plantin - Moretus museum. Here you will find some of the world's earliest printing presses as well as the birthplace of fonts that are still used today! This city is a unique destination that will revive your senses with sweet aromas and glorious views. If you are looking for the best way to explore it all, you will want to hire a Hummer in Antwerp.

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