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Rent a Jaguar in Antwerp

There are many places across the globe where one could have a fabulous vacation. So why should someone choose the city of Antwerp in Belgium? It is an incredible destination that is near the North Sea as well as the beautiful River Scheldt. There are plenty of outdoor activities as well as museums, shopping, and fun to be had in this port city. Rich in history, it is perhaps one of the greatest Belgium cities to visit.

With all of this being said, there are a great number of people who will never make an exciting trip to Belgium for one reason: they are simply unsure how they are going to get around once they arrive. There are many cities that have little to no public transportation. However, the city is rich with trams, trains, and busses. However, they do not run all the time, which can cause a major setback on your vacation. How wants to have to vacation by the time the bus is running? If you want the ultimate vacation this year, why not rent a Jaguar in Antwerp?

It may seem odd to recommend a Jaguar rental in Antwerp, especially for a vacation. However, you have to think how often you vacation. Isn't time that you have fun and enjoy a car that you may not get to drive every single day. Imagine driving the byway around the city in an exhilarating XF-R Sport! This incredible car has an incredibly sleek body that is an absolute dream to drive. Featuring plenty of safety features, you will be sure to have a great time in Antwerp in this luxury car!

As you begin your journey in Belgium, you will be awestruck by the size and beauty of many of the buildings and homes in the area. In the 16th century, the area was home to rich and powerful merchants. Their homes and buildings still stand in many areas of the city. Walking around town, you will often hear the tolling of bells from the Cathedral of our Lady. Follow the sound of the bells and tour this beautiful church. It has a rich history that will entertain even those who hate history! In fact, the church was never completed, it should have two towers as opposed to the just one.

Not far from the church, you can enjoy an incredible lunch at Central Station. This is one of the most beautiful railway stations in all the world. There are five platforms and it is a true joy to simply take a day trip out of this station. Another popular destination in the area is that of the Plantin - Moretus museum. This is an original home of an early printer. Inside, there are still printing presses and it is an extraordinary look into one of the most important inventions in human history. This Belgium city has something that just about everyone can enjoy while on vacation. To gain the full experience, you will want to hire a Jaguar in Antwerp for a memorable vacation.

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