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Rent a Mercedes in Antwerp

Antwerp is a great choice for your next European city getaway. The city is all about being stylish, loves to showcase grand architecture and makes the perfect spot for a long weekend away. If you plan to make this city your next European hot spot, it's time you found out what you can see and do while there. That's why we have done your homework for you and have discovered a few of the top places that should go on you itinerary.

Most of us link 'french fries' with the country of France, however the Belgians will tell you another story. According to them, french fries were invented in Belgium and to this day they create some of the tastiest fries imaginable. While visiting, be sure to give yourself a treat and head to one of the classy frites cafes for a taste indulgence. If you would like visit a restaurant that is popular with locals and tourists alike, then head over to the Hungry Henrietta, you'll find plenty of locals enjoying the lively atmosphere and good food.

For shopping lovers, the Stadsfeestzaal is a unique shopping experience. Now known as the City Festival Hall, the original building was burned down in 1906, however since it was a listed building, it was to be built exactly as it was. It has everything from a marble staircase and mosaic floor to gold-lead stucco and a gigantic glass dome. Even if you hate shopping, you're sure to enjoy the experience of this venue. Antwerp has plenty to offers locals and tourists alike, In terms of shopping and food, there is an abundance of places and activities to keep foodies and shoppers from getting bored.

While visiting the city, having a rental vehicle can really help you to make the most of your stay. You will find a good choice of everyday and luxury cars to rent within the city, but which should you choose? Here at Apex Luxury Car Hire we are all about helping you choose a car that will perfectly match your destination. That's why we want to make one great recommendation; to rent a Mercedes in Antwerp. What makes the mighty Mercedes an ideal choice for driving the streets of Belgium?

One thing that this Belgian city loves to boast about is its sense of style. The Europeans love embracing fashion and grace, and right here in the city, that has never been truer. Choosing a Mercedes rental in Antwerp is all about indulging in that sense of true fashion and style. It's not just about having a way of getting yourself from one part of the city to another, or enjoying an easier means of transport when visiting the surrounding area. Instead it's about feeling a sense of impressive confidence, fashionable presence and luxurious comfort wherever you happen to be going. So if you are heading to the Belgian city of style, be sure to do so in perfect fashion and hire a Mercedes in Antwerp.

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