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Rent a Pagani in Antwerp

Do you want to enjoy a luxurious time in Antwerp? This Belgian city is home to an innumerable number of wealthy families. It is only fitting that you use a luxury car hire service to get a feel of what it’s like to be a millionaire in such a prominent city. Be sure to get in touch with us at Apex Luxury Car Hire and hire a Pagani in Antwerp. Also called the diamond city, this city is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Belgium. It boasts of a gorgeous historic center. It is also famous for its booming fashion industry. In addition, the local port is the second biggest in all of Europe and continues to be a huge economic player in the country.

If you are fascinated by diamonds, then you will have a truly enjoyable time here. It’s called the diamond city for a reason: experts say that approximately 70% of the diamonds in the world are traded in this city. Although a great number of historical buildings have been destroyed over the years, many continue to stand firm until now. One of the must see architectural wonders is the City Hall, which dates back to 1565. It clearly shows the Renaissance influence just by looking at its architectural design.

The city is also home to several old churches. The Cathedral of Our Lady is perhaps the most famous, as it houses four masterpieces by Rubens. Saint James Church, meanwhile, contains the tomb of Rubens. The Church of Saint Paul, on the other hand, is known for its picturesque baroque interior. Boerentoren or Farmers’ Tower is another impressive structure. It’s a building with 26 floors erected in 1932. It is considered as the oldest skyscraper in Europe. It’s also the second tallest structure in the city, trailing only the Cathedral of Our Lady.

Such an elegant city as Antwerp deserves to be explored in one of the best luxury cars. A Pagani gives you unmatched comfort, performance, and style as you travel the city and discover all its hidden gems. All of these models are known for providing the best in terms of comfort. Perhaps no other luxury car manufacturer has put more emphasis in creating a comfortable vehicle than this prestige car brand. You no longer have to limit yourself to imagining driving a Pagani rental in Antwerp through the busy streets. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, this dream is finally within arm’s reach.

Horacio Pagani is responsible for introducing this luxury car brand to the world. In 1983, he went to Italy to go after his dream of building a supercar. After teaming up with Lamborghini, he was able to construct the Countach Evoluzione, a new concept for Lamborghini that heavily involve the use of carbon fiber. In 1999, the Zonda C12 got launched to the public at the Geneva Motor Show, one of the most prestigious car events in the world. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, you can choose from several luxury rental models. Whether you require the Zonda, C9, or Huayra, you can count on us to deliver your desired luxury models. All of these cars are equipped with a powerful V12 engine, giving you all the performance you need for your rental vehicle. Give us a call at Apex and rent a Pagani in Antwerp.

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