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Rent a Volkswagen in Antwerp

Where is one place in the world you have been wanting to visit? Have you ever thought of Belgium? This country has so much to offer including the beautiful city of Antwerp. With the beauty of the North Sea and the River Scheldt nearby it is a water lover's dream. In fact, this is one of the largest port cities in all of Belgium. There is so much to do here including a visit to Central Station, the Cathedral of our Lady, and the Plantin - Moretus museum.

If you have traveled out of the country, one of the things you may have worried about was getting around. Public transportation in a new city can be quite difficult. However, it is rather easy to get around. However, you will have a few issues getting to some popular destinations on your own time. With that in mind, you may want hire a Volkswagen in Antwerp. In fact, could there be a better car to explore than a Volkswagen rental in Antwerp? You may even want to consider renting the Golf, one of the best cars of the year. Imagine having the opportunity to drive through the city on the six-lane motorway bypass.

Through this road alone, you will be able to get an incredible view of the city and many of the gorgeous buildings. We don't want you to travel blind into the city, so here are a few of the top destinations to take in on your visit. As you stroll through the city, you will more than likely hear the bells of the Cathedral of our Lady. All one usually has to do is look up to see the incredible tower and walk over for a splendid view. This centuries old church has never officially been completed, yet it is absolutely stunning.

If you are an art lover, there are several original Reubens housed here for your enjoyment.For those of you who are fascinated with riding the rails and gorgeous architecture, one has to make their way to Central Station. Here you will find five platforms in one of the most beautiful railway stations in the world. Either hop on a train or sit down for lunch for an incredible experience. If you have a love affair with the written word, you will need to take some time and experience the Plantin - Moretus museum.

This incredible building houses original printing presses and the chance to see how early printers lived and worked. It is truly an incredible experience to see how the written word has developed during the centuries. If you are going to be vacationing in Belgium, you need to take some time to experience the fun and excitement in Antwerp. There is plenty to see and do and if you are looking for a full experience, you will want to rent a Volkswagen in Antwerp. If you are ready to take your vacation to a whole new level, contact us today.

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