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Rent a Maserati in Brussels Capitol Region

Brussels is the fascinating capital to Belgium as well as known as the administrative-capital for the EU. When you rent a Maserati in Brussels you will soon discover that this city is hip yet historic, bizarre yet bureaucratic, un-showy yet self-confident and definitely multicultural to its very roots. This is all played out along a cityscape that spans from outstanding and majestic onto quirky and then rundown and all the way back again.

Some of the sights include organic art facades against concrete 1960’s developments along with 19th century regal mansions in contrast with brutal-glass from EU’s Gotham City. The one constant in this diverse city is quality that is enviable relating to everyday life with the bar and café scenes that never age. Grand Place is a definite must see in your Maserati rental in Brussels, and is known as one of the most unforgettable type urban ensembles in the world. It is however, oddly hidden and this enclosed square can only be viewed on foot as you enter from 1 of the 6 side alleys.

One of the best sides to enter would be the Rue des Harengs which offers you a view of the 15th century spired city hall while every one of these antique guide halls have a unique charm. Many boast unashamed exhibitionists, elaborate guild-symbols, gilded statues and fine Baroque gables. This superior museum combines ancient and modern art with works from and fauvist Rik Wouters and surrealist Paul Delvaux along with the purpose-built Musée Magritte. Flemish Primitives from the 15th century have been represented wonderfully in the ancient arts with Hans Memling’s refined portraits and there's Rogier Van der Weyden’s Pietà which features the hallucinatory sky.

The Maserati is described as a luxury Italian vehicle that was first established in Bologna in 1914. The tagline for Maserati is style and sports luxury that is embedded in their exclusive range of cars along with their brand mission that is associated with building superior luxury cars that feature timeless Italian style. If you have chosen the Granturismo as your rental option you will be glad to know that this is definitely one of the few exciting and innovative models from these absolutely legendary automakers. This particular model features a close to perfect combination of performance and comfort and is a redesign to the underrated yet popular Coupe.

This car features a highly impressive 405-hp Ferrari F430 derived motor while still producing a muscular and throaty growl. When you drive around Brussels you will find the handling to be precise and smooth and power can be attained in all the RPMs. We love this model due to its unique and rare blend relating to practically and performance and all our clients really appreciate this particular model as the ideal rental car. You are able to seat 4 adults comfortably and the trunk features more than enough space for all your luggage along with an outstanding GPS system. Call us today to hire a Maserati in Brussels.

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