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Rent a Volkswagen in Brussels Capitol Region

Brussels is an exciting place to visit and is the capital of both Europe, Belgium, and Flanders. This city has come a long way from a fortress to an economic and political center. Brussels is packed with things to do and when you rent a Volkswagen in Brussels, you can experience it in both style and comfort. One of the first places you are going to want to visit is the Grand-Place. It is a major tourist attraction and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It dates back to the Middle Ages where it used to be populated with wooden houses. As time went on, wealthier families began to build mansions of stone at the site, which let to the market. In 1402 it became what you see now.

The Grand-Place is gorgeous with cobbled streets and a medieval style. It is now a market square and you can take in a concert, watch a show and visit the flower market. You will feel right at home touring the area in your Volkswagen rental in Brussels. You can drive over to the Hotel de Ville next and climb the Gothic tower for an amazing view of the city. The City Museum is another place that you want to take the time to visit. You will find all sorts of pieces of history and it tells the story of the city. If you love comic strips then you want to take the time to visit the Belgian Comic Strip Center. This museum is dedicated to the art of comic strips and you can browse over 5000 drawings. The museum is a fascinating place to visit.

Next, you can drive over to Heysel park and visit the Atomium sculpture. The Atomium is huge at over 335 feet high. It is made from chrome and steel and is truly impressive. Even better, you can go inside and take the elevator to the top where you can have a cold beer and something to eat. Going down, you take an escalator that allows you stop at the different parts of the sculpture and take in the views.

Mini-Europe is the perfect place to visit with your rental car. It is a leisure park that is packed with rides and other attractions. It also features a miniature of Europe where you get to see the famous buildings of all the countries of the European Union. You can take in a movie, visit the water park and enjoy fantastic food. This theme park has so many things to see and do, from shopping to a huge IMAX theater.

When you hire a Volkswagen in Brussels, you can take advantage of all the great things that this place has to offer. Whether you want to visit historic buildings or go to the theme park, there are tons of things to see and do. Touring them by car allows you to take your time to really enjoy what is going on around around you.

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