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Rent a Mercedes in Luxembourg

For tourists looking for a truly European holiday, Luxembourg is the place to go. The last remaining Grand Duchy, as it is officially known, it is a landlocked country that borders Germany, Belgium, and France. Essentially, is located at a crossroad between these countries and has historically been influenced by the same countries. As such, Luxembourg is a melting pot of German, French, and Belgium cultures, which yields a unique environment that is truly European. In a sense, by visiting this city, you get a chance to explore German, French, and Belgian cultures in one go.

However, cultural offerings are usually not the entire focus of a visit to any foreign city. Other points of interests that make this country interesting to visitors include the casemates. The casemates is a 23 km network of subterranean tunnels that were carved out into the rocks. The tunnels have played a great role in securing the country over the course of history. Artillery artisans used the tunnels as their workshops. The tunnels also provided a bunker to thousands of soldiers, whilst also creating a very conducive environment to stash away equipment, artillery, horses, and anything else used in war.

Once you finish the tunnel tour and above ground, tourists can head to the valley of the Moselle. The valley and hills system around the Moselle provide eye-peeling vistas. Aside from the beauty of the place, the hills and valley provide the right condition for the growth of excellent wines. With this in mind, visitors always have the option of heading into one of the vintners and enjoying the award winning sparkling wine that this beautiful city has to offer.

As you can imagine, a tour of the city is always going to be a lovely adventure. However, if you are looking to make it that extra special and exciting, why not hire a Mercedes in Luxembourg. The brand is known for producing some of the best vehicles in the world. Theirs is more of a moving piece artwork than simply a machine that can get you from point A to point B. They make an effort to ensure that the occupants of each and every Mercedes are comfortable, safe and exciting about the journey they are on.

To this end, the engineers use leading interior design philosophies to ensure that the very Mercedes rental in Luxembourg you will drive is top-quality, practical, and comfortable. When it comes to speed, you only have to look at their effort in the realms of F1 to realize that they produce some of the best powertrains in the world. Every engine that powers a Mercedes is designed to wield extreme power ensuring that you get to are going unimpeded. As for safety, you can rest assured that they go through leaps and bounds to ensure they their cars are inherently safe. Additionally, they have developed and incorporated innovative safety features that further enhance the safety of occupants. In this regard, when you rent a Mercedes in Luxembourg, you are assured a peaceful, interesting, safe, exciting, and memorable tour of this country.

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