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Rent a Mini Cooper in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is small, but it is big on charm and has plenty of attractions and sights to keep you busy. The perfect way to tour any city is by car. When you rent a car you have total freedom and you can come and go when and how you please. When you rent a Mini Cooper in Luxembourg, you will get a car that is sporty, comfortable and the perfect size to take on a spin of the countryside and see all the sights.

Take your Mini Cooper out on a spin to The Old Quarter in the city. The old quarter is charming and the perfect place to take lots of pictures. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It used to be a fortress, and now it is a charming area full of parks, gardens and storybook homes. The streets are cobbled and the area is full of bridges and alleys to explore. There is something unique and interesting around each corner and you don't even need to pay an admission fee.

If you want to dig deeper into the history and culture of Luxembourg, then you want to visit the National Museum Of History And Art. The museum is housed in a stunning building and it holds a vast collection of art. You can view historical artifacts, coins, furniture and of course lots of art. The museum houses an impressive collection from the Gallo-Roman period and it also has an extensive contemporary art section.

If you are ready to take your new rental car out on a picturesque drive, then you will want to head over to the Bock and the Casements. The Bock is a stunning cliff that has loopholes for cannons and impressive fortifications. You can enter the Casements here which are underground passages that seem to stretch forever. The are cut out of the rock and were built to shelter thousands of people as well as their animals and equipment. You can explore the casements by foot and the views are impressive.

The Ardennes is a great place to go out on a drive. The landscape is varied and you can explore forests, cliffs, valleys and plateaus, all in one area. There are plenty of ancient buildings to explore and you can find old castles and fortresses along with farms. One of the towns in the area has two levels which are really fun to explore. You can drive your Mini Cooper all over the area and it is perfect for touring around at your leisure. Using a Mini Cooper rental in Luxembourg is a great way to see the city and you are going to enjoy every moment of it. This beautiful car is perfect for singles and couples alike, and its smaller size makes it really easy to drive along the narrow streets. It is also very easy to park, which is a big plus when you are in a large city. Call us now to hire a Mini Cooper in Luxembourg!

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