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Rent a Pagani in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is situated between Belgium, Germany and France with a history associated to just about permanent siege has really taught this city to be extremely adaptable. When you rent a Pagani in Luxembourg you will soon find that German and French are the official languages and this city has long since being the go-between to the larger neighbors. Some of the attractions to Luxembourg have to do with a combination of influences that have enriched this area and given way to a vibrant and classy food scene.

One of the top attractions you should consider in your rented Pagani would be the Wenzel Walk which takes you on a 2 hour stroll along the historic ramparts of the city along cobbled streets where you will pass historical palaces, towers and churches. Top attractions not to miss include the Place d'Armes a bustling square in the center of a pedestrian zone. Another great attraction is the Bock Casemates which is a unique warren of various tunnels that have been cut into the stone-cliffs.

While the strategic position of this city as one of the crossroads of Europe is what made it a bypass for the medieval marauding armies, it was also able to maintain a defensive type instinct that can still be seen today in many of its majestic and proud castles. Various are still standing and sprout from just about every rocky outcrop the grandest of all being the Vianden Castle. This majestic structure was constructed between the eleventh and fourteenth century and has since undergone impeccable restoration. You are able to take a cable car that goes up the hill and delivers you to the gate of the castle.

To suit the occasion of your visit to this magical place, hire a Pagani in Luxembourg. One of the popular choices would have to be the Zonda Revolucion which is regarded as one of the brand’s most anticipated and exciting supercars. This particular model offers various inspiring features like the central position of the rear and light motor that is strongly supported by the molybdenum-chrome chassis. This has all been wrapped up in an air-suction system that is specifically designed that once again proves that drive is the most paramount feature of these supercars.

When you rent one of our luxury cars on offer, you are able to reach that dream of attaining speeds you never thought possible. These models are Italian handcrafted super sports car that has all been designed with the purpose of perfection in mind. The famous model known as the Zonda is available to rent in a number of “road legal” editions that are still packed full of outstanding features this includes the iconic Zonda Revolución, Zonda Cinque, Zonda F, Zonda S and Zonda C12. The very latest edition to this superior sports brand is the Huayra which is regarded one of the most costly supercars today on the markets. This particular model combines breathtaking speeds along with superior high-end luxury that you don't want to miss out on. Call us today for your Pagani rental in Luxembourg!

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