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Rent an SUV in Belgium

Belgium is rated as one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. Since it is also home to a number of international organizations, it attracts lot of travelers on official business. Rent an SUV in Belgium for the most comfortable travel experience around the country, whether you are on official business or a sightseeing tour. Once you arrive in Brussels, hire an SUV in Belgium and get your sightseeing tour on the road as soon as possible. This highly popular tourist destination has both small town charm and the appeal of a big cosmopolitan city. Home to a variety of international organizations including the EU, you will be happy to discover that English is widely spoken and understood.

Some of the must see attractions during your tour of Brussels include the La Grand Palace, the Mannekin Pis and Place du Grand Sablon. After you visited your fair share of Brussels attractions, get back into your car and head to Bruges, a definite hit for history lovers. It is worth pointing out the center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage site; cars are not allowed access to this area of the city. However, visitors can walk around on foot, ride a horse driven carriage or use the impressive canal system to explore all that the city has to offer.

Our premium rental services will then help move you and your stuff from here, to the next destination, Antwerp, conveniently.  The city brings together a variety of historical buildings mixed in state of the art modern architecture to create a one of a kind sight. Rated as the largest diamond center in the world, Antwerp is also home to a vibrant art scene. If you still have more time on your hands, our luxury services will help you visit other attractions in the country in luxury and class. Some of the other popular destinations not to be missed include Liege, Gent and Spa among others.

Before you book an SUV rental in Belgium, it is important for you to first have an idea of the benefits of using this type of vehicle for your sightseeing tour. These vehicles are spacious, comfortable and powerful vehicles, designed to accommodate more passengers and cargo than smaller cars. Getting all your stuff from one Belgian city to the next with your friends and family in the car is easy and convenient. This makes the road trip through the country an interesting prospect for those who like to travel in a group.

Furthermore, since most of the Belgian cities are situated close to one another, and car use is limited in most city centers, getting around becomes much cheaper even when hauling a group of friends and a huge load of cargo. At Apex Luxury Car Hire, we are committed to providing the most practical car rental to facilitate easy and convenient travel in and around Belgium. Contact us today to learn more about the various models we have!

You deserve to pamper yourself a bit, so travel like a superstar and book one of our amazing vehicles today. If you
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