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Rent a Ford in Ireland

Known as the Emerald Isle, Ireland is a country of truly stunning landscape. Green, lush and enchanting, there are so many reasons to fall in love with this country which is likely why visitors come back here time and time again. The capital city, Dublin, offers an authentic experience with an international vibe. Full of landmark attractions, excellent live music venues and a host of sports events, Dublin has something to please visitors of all ages. In addition, Dublin Zoo, as well the choice of city centre museums provide excellent days out for the whole family, young and old.

Across the country from Dublin can be found the musical city of Galway. Whereas Dublin offers a rather international vibe, Galways= is all about embracing the very essence of being Irish. During the summer months you will find Irish traditional musicians filling the city centre air with reels, jigs and dances. In fact, you may even see an Irish dance troop providing a free spectacle for shoppers and tourists, as well as a selection of street artists to keep you occupied.

Of course, no visit to this place would be complete without sampling the local food and drink in a Ford rental in Ireland. Both Dublin and Galway provide excellent choices for traditional Irish food that knows how to deliver on taste. The typical Irish pubs tend to serve up homemade soups, Irish stew, excellent meat dishes and a good selection of desserts. If you can find homemade apple pie on the menu it's certainly worth ordering and the portions tend to be very generous.

So does the sound of a vacation in Ireland appeal to you and your family? You will soon see that the country offers plenty of things to do and places to see. Of course, to get the most from the vacation you need to give thought to how you will travel while in the country. While public transport between the major cities can be reliable, getting out and about to see attractions off the beaten track can be a lot more challenging if you are relying solely on the public transport network.

So how about the idea to rent a Ford in Ireland? The Ford is a solid, reliable car with a long history of success. It provides drivers and passengers with a seat of comfort, a taste of luxury, a feeling of reliability, and a way to make a great impression.

So do you plan to go to this place in the near future? We're sure you will have a great time if you do! After all, this is a country of legends, as the many attractions and tourist spots testify to. Before you set off for your destination make sure that you have given thought to your travel needs while in the country. Deciding to hire a Ford in Ireland may be the perfect choice for you, it will give you a legendary way to visit a country of legends!

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