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Rent a Jeep in Ireland

What is it about Ireland that has so much appeal as a travel destination? Perhaps it is all of those tales of leprechauns, legends and history. Then again, it may be the enchanting music and friendly locals that makes a trip to the country so memorable. Whatever the reason may be, there is something incredibly special about this place, in fact it deserves to be on everyone's travel wish list! So if you are planning an upcoming trip to this beautiful country, where should you visit? Depending on how long you plan to stay for, it may be possible for you to enjoy a road trip that covers the whole of the country. It would certainly provide you with an abundance of picture moments as well as plenty of epic memories to relish when you get home.

If you only have time to visit a few parts of the country, then you may want to make time for the Ring of Kerry. Situated right down at the foot of the country, this is a spot that many tourists head to. Stunning lakes, quaint villages and towns, great live music venues and a great choice of traditional Irish food, indeed the Ring of Kerry is well worth a visit for any tourists to Ireland.

Not too far away from the Ring Of Kerry is the bustling city of Cork. A shopping hub and hive of activity, Cork has certainly managed to stay true to its Irish roots. A word of warning however, the people of Cork speak very fast, in fact it may even seem like they are singing rather than talking! If you are planning to speak with a local, be sure to ask them to speak slowly or you may not understand a word!

It is a travel destination that has plenty to offer, however many of the great attractions are off the beaten track. For example, when visiting the Ring of Kerry there are many idyllic lakeside spots that not every tourist knows about, in fact even the locals my be unaware of some of them! That's why choosing to rent a Jeep in Ireland is a sensational idea. So if you hire a Jeep in Ireland will it make a real difference to your vacation? It certainly has the potential to do so. First of all, it puts you in charge of your itinerary. You can decide when you want to go places, where you will go and how you will go.

In addition choosing to book a Jeep rental in Ireland means you don't need to stick to the typical tourist tours and generic spots, instead you can get yourself well and truly off the beaten track and see what this place is all about. If you do decide to rent a Jeep, be sure to make the most of your rental and enjoy the stunning landscape that this country has to offer.

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