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Rent a Mini Cooper in Geneva

If you're planning a trip to Switzerland, one of the most incredible cities that you'll ever experience is Geneva, surrounded by the Alps and Jura mountain ranges it is scenic nearly 360° around. While the city itself is so compact that it's fairly easy to walk nearly everywhere or take public transportation instead. For anyone staying at a local hotel free "Easy Pass" public transportation passes are given out to all clients, otherwise, they're very inexpensive to purchase and are far better than paying the incredibly high prices for parking in the city.

Switzerland and nearby Austria are mountainous and beautiful any time of year, but the winding mountain roads are difficult to navigate for a tour bus which is how many people choose to see the countryside. Instead of that, it's best to look for a Mini Cooper rental in Geneva on your final day there and use that to navigate the narrow mountain roads for the rest your vacation.

If you've never driven a sporty small car, then you're in for an incredible surprise when you hire a Mini Cooper in Geneva as not only are they very quick and sporty they have very tight steering and quick response that are great for touring in mountainous areas. If they have one available, it would be even better to get the convertible model and travel with the top down in any sunny weather to enjoy the scenic 360° panoramic views that will stun you with their awesome beauty.

You can do nearly all of your rental car research from the comfort of your home over the Internet. You'll need to comparison shop between the different rental agencies in order to get the best value on your rental car, and not pay too much for unneeded services. Most of the time, the rates that you'll be quoted will include unlimited mileage, the value added tax, and possibly automobile liability insurance. When it comes to liability insurance some companies in the United States may extend your regular auto insurance to cover any rental car, however, many will only do so inside the United States and Canada and not include Europe.

For this reason, it's best to call your insurance agent and see what your regular insurance company covers and what it doesn't. After that, check with all of your major credit cards to see  which one offers the best coverage for free, or some charge a minimal fee for really incredible coverage too.

In nearly all cases, you'll need to make your reservation, deposit, and pay all of your fees with the same card in order to get any kind of insurance when you rent a Mini Cooper in Geneva. You'll need to be at least 25 years of age and have a spotless driving record, which most rental car companies will check in advance of your arrival so keep in touch with their personnel so there no surprises when you are there at the desk wanting to rent the car.

Always take the time to read the fine print, both online and in-person, when doing a transaction for your rental car. Do your own quick inspection for dents  as you will be responsible for anything found when you return the car. You should also read as many customer reviews about the rental car agency online to make sure they are treating their customers with excellent service and integrity.

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