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Rent a Maserati in Switzerland

Switzerland may be a small country, but the influences that it acquired from neighboring countries like France, Germany, Italy, and Austria gives it a distinct identity. Going to this place lets you experience the Swiss culture along with different European customs that makes it even more unique. Switzerland is not only known for its cheese, cow bells, chocolates, and Heidi, but it is famous for its luxurious ski resorts that you should include on your bucket list.

For people who want to see a perfect looking alpine village, Gstaad is a place that looks like it came straight out of a postcard just for you. The village is an excellent picture of houses with snow-capped roofs and flower box windows.  There is even a river that runs through the village surrounded by snow-filled mountains to complete the scenery. Gstaad is a resort community that the rich and the famous love for their skiing trips. There are a lot of terrains to choose from and a thrilling 80kms of a trail for cross country skiers. For your accommodations, there are posh hotels and guest houses to relax in.

Klosters is the ski getaway for the Royals and the commoners who can afford its luxury. This snow-covered playground is a haven for celebrities, but it is also a place where such icons can just relax and forget about the spotlight. Although Kloster is glamorous and luxurious, it is also small enough for more intimate time with your friends and your family.

Driving to these ski resorts requires a good car especially because they are hours away from airports and the city. If you rent a Maserati in Switzerland and go to these ski getaways, your expensive trip is already complete. These cars are well-crafted for drivers and passengers to make them feel like royalty. For example, the exterior of the Ghibli is sleek and shows off the beauty of its Italian design in every curve which is a head-turner on the road. This model is perfect for a Maserati rental in Switzerland and brings the driver excitement and the feeling of delight while driving one of the most famous cars in the world.

Since the trip to Gstaad and Kloster may take hours depending on which part of the country you are coming from, the seats of the Ghibli are made for total comfort. The seats are designed with only the best material to keep everyone warm and cozy during the trip. There's an all-electric adjustment system for the front seat as well which provides the best driving position that drivers need. This luxury vehicle not only prioritized design but your safety too. The Ghibli is equipped with seven airbags to protect you in the case of a collision. There are warning sensors like the forward collision warning to prevent any accidents on the road, so you're guaranteed to arrive in Gstaad or Kloster safely.

The luxurious ski resorts in the country such as Gstaad and Kloster will give you a one of a kind experience. You won't have to worry if you are a beginner or not because these resorts have all sorts of slopes that will suit your needs. If you hire a Maserati in Switzerland, your grand ski vacation in these resorts is sure to be worry-free and delightful.

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