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Rent a Mini Cooper in Switzerland

A small country with big mountains and gorgeous lakes like Switzerland is where you can just lay down under the sun and feel the fresh air. This country speaks four languages which are German, French, Italian and Rumantsch. Going to this place is an adventure as it shows you a country where people from different cultures and races live together in perfect harmony. The mixed culture that you'll see in this country is just the beginning as it also features picnic spots for people who enjoy quiet places. Get ready to feel like Heidi as you explore this magnificent country yourself when you rent a Mini Cooper in Switzerland.

Lag da Pigniu in Graubunden is a place where you can have an enjoyable picnic with your family by the lakeside. There are two dramatic looking waterfalls nearby that you can check out when you are in this place. However, remember that the east side of the trail is the only one suitable for strollers if you are planning to bring your kids. Lag da Pigniu is a great location for bonding with your friends and family members while appreciating the beauty of nature as well.

Brunni Barefoot Tickle Path is another picnic spot that you can go to when in the area. This place is perfect, especially on summers. If ever you decide on going here, expect to see a water play area, playgrounds, trampolines, alpine slide, swings, and slides. These amenities will keep the children and adults who are still young at heart to be entertained as you grill some food in the picnic area.

Going to picnics means that you'll have to bring some things like foods or strollers for babies. It can be very inconvenient for you if you commute while carrying the kids and all your stuff to your chosen picnic areas. That is why you should consider a Mini Cooper rental in Switzerland. This car may look small for you, but there are specific models that can accommodate your family and the things that you need to bring conveniently.

For people who are going to these picnic spots alone and just want to enjoy the mesmerizing views of the country, this vehicle is built with adjustable seats and floor panels. Such features in this brand’s cars makes it convenient for you to pack all the necessary things for your trip and drive to your destination comfortably. This vehicle also features world class technology such as a Touch Controller that can recognize your handwriting.  Travelers who love to document their journey can take advantage of this car's GoPro ready feature as well. You can now easily control your GoPro camera's functions through the cars center console seamlessly.

Switzerland is a country that will leave you in awe of its beauty and diversity. Lag da Pigniu and Brunni Barefoot are just one of the places in this gorgeous country that you can check out and enjoy while on your trip. By looking to hire a Mini Cooper in Switzerland, you are not only going to be comfortable on your journey, but you will also experience this car's efficiency while having a great time with your family on the road.

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