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Rent an Audi in Turkey

If you're hoping to rent a classy and affordable vehicle for your trip to Turkey, then making the decision to rent an Audi in Turkey is a smart choice to make. Not only are these cars fantastic to drive, but they are also very well built, coming with the exceptional engineering you would expect from this famous German vehicle manufacturer. In this overview, we will highlight many of the best things to see and do while you are visiting the country of Turkey, and you will also learn more about the different models of this brand that are worth your time so let's take a closer look.

Firstly, you won't want to miss a tour of Istanbul whenever you are lucky enough to visit Turkey as this famous city has many outstanding things to offer. In particular, you may wish to visit the Hargis Sophia Museum, as well as many of the historical areas of Istanbul that are well worth seeing. As you'd expect, there are many tour guides in the area who will show you all of the must see sites, but it's also fun to explore on your own and discover things by yourself, too.

However, if you're going to get the most out of your stay, then it's well worth renting a reliable car and choosing to hire an Audi in Turkey will never let you down. With this in mind, let's take a closer look at the different models available. The TT is a very popular model from this manufacturer, and it combines practicality and fun in a very efficient manner giving you a wonderful sports car that'll be a real treat to drive around the streets of this country. In terms of performance, the car comes with a powerful 306 hp engine that will easily deliver around 155 mph top speed. Of course, the coupe version will stand out from the crowd in many positive ways, and the unique shape and design of the car definitely add to its unique charm.

What's more, the car has impeccable handling thanks to the aluminum construction that is used throughout the chassis, making it incredibly lightweight compared to many other cars in its league. Ultimately, this makes the car a fantastic rental vehicle for anybody who is looking for something that will add a bit of spice and excitement to their travels in this country.

Alternatively, you may prefer to rent an A5, which comes with five comfortable seats that allow you to bring several passengers along with you for the journey. The car features the same impeccable quality as you'd expect from this brand, and the beautiful design also goes a long way towards making this a popular rental choice. The handling is also very smooth and allows for seamless navigation on the winding roads of this country.

At the end of the day, choosing to book an Audi rental in Turkey is an excellent choice for the person who values quality and comfort. Every model in the Audi lineup has something unique to offer, but the two models presented in this guide will certainly serve you well.

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