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Rent a BMW in Istanbul

Few brands of car offer the same level of quality and prestige that come with the BMW brand, so it?s safe to say that choosing to rent a BMW in Istanbul is a smart move that will give you everything you?re looking for. In this guide, we?re going to highlight the top attractions you?ll want to experience while you?re staying in Istanbul, and you will also learn more about the different vehicle models you may wish to rent. Keeping this in mind, let?s get straight to it.

Firstly, this city easily one of the most intriguing cities in all of Turkey, and there?s certainly a wealth of history and culture that will leave you amazed by this wonderful city. In particular, you won?t want to miss the Grand Bazaar, which is a world-famous shopping experience you will remember for a lifetime. Ever since it was first opened way back in 1461, this shopping bazaar has been an international attraction that brings people in from miles around ? so whether you?re looking for souvenirs or simply want to soak up the experience, it?s well worth a visit.

Additionally, there are many different festivals available in the city throughout the year, so whether you have a passion for film or music, you?ll be sure to find the international film and music festivals a sheer delight. But if you?re going to get the most out of your trip to Turkey, you?re going to need a quality set of wheels to get you from A to B. Fortunately, choosing to hire a BMW in Istanbul is a popular choice, and for good reason. With this in mind, let?s learn more about the different car models you may like to drive around the city.

First of all, you may be in the mood to drive a sporty convertible, in which case, you?ll want to hire the 4 series. There are a few different models in the lineup, but they all come with incredible horsepower and breathtaking top speeds ? so none of them will leave you disappointed. As you would expect, driving around the city with the top down on a warm summer?s day will quickly become one of the most memorable and enjoyable moments of your entire year.

On the other hand, you may prefer to hire the 7 series, which gives you a world-class luxury vehicle that will keep you cool and comfortable at all times. The car comes with an incredible six-cylinder engine that?ll comfortably give you around 315 horsepower and a respectable 30 mpg, making it a highly versatile rental car that comes all of the important bases. Ultimately, a car rental is a fantastic choice that?ll add a whole new layer of fun and excitement to your trip. There are many wonderful things to see and do during your stay in Istanbul, and having the privilege of driving a BMW rental in Istanbul will mean you?ll be cool, comfortable, and refreshed whenever you arrive at your chosen destination.

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