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Rent a Mini Cooper in Istanbul

Istanbul is a highly popular tourist destination owing to its wide selection of impressive historical buildings and rich history. The city has a wide collection of well-maintained ancient architectural masterpieces, interesting museums and exciting dining, shopping and entertainment options. To ensure that you can be able to get around Turkey?s largest city conveniently, we can help you rent your own private vehicle to drive around the city in. This is exactly the car you need to get your sightseeing tour going as soon as you set foot on the city. Read on below to find out more about this impressive city and how we can help you explore every corner of it.

This city is home to a number of must visit tourist attractions which include a couple of lavish and expansive palace buildings. Dolmabahce Palace house six sultans in the period between 1856 and 1924. Architecture lovers will be more than impressed by the use of different architectural styles that went into making this exceptional structure a reality. Once you are done with exploring the wonders and treasures of this attraction, head over to Topkapi Palace, which is located on a hill. It boasts great views of the Bosphorus, Golden Horn and the Sea of Marmara.

The Galata Tower, which was once the tallest building in the city provides visitors with awesome overhead views of the city. You can also enjoy the dining and entertainment options located within the tower building. Remember to add a visit to the Grand Bazaar to your sightseeing tour for some much needed shopping therapy! This indoor market space is made up of thousands of stores selling a variety of wares. It is estimated that up to a quarter million visitors make their way to this part of the city every day.

A Mini Cooper rental in Istanbul will help you ensure that you visit the above attractions in your own time, while adding more stopovers as well. It is worth noting that when you hire a Mini Cooper in Istanbul, you are making a great decision for a variety of reasons. First of all, this car has a small footprint that makes navigating the narrow one way streets an easy task. Additionally, you will be able to park the car in the smallest of parking spaces; this is great considering that finding a parking spot may be somewhat of a challenge.

These cute vehicles prove to be fun and exciting cars to drive around, whether in the open highway or in an urban setting, where traffic jams are the norm. This car comes with great fuel economy, meaning that you won?t have to dig deep into your pockets to get to all the attractions in your travel itinerary. It?s also worth mentioning that the hatchback design of this vehicle allows you to haul all your stuff conveniently especially with rear seats folded down. We can help you rent a Mini Cooper in Istanbul to ensure that you get to explore this impressive city in a fun and comfortable car.

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