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Rent a Range Rover in Turkey

In the last two decades or so, Turkey has established itself as a top tourist destination. The 45 million tourists they received in 2014 is a testament to these credentials. The tremendous growth in tourism boils down to it having some of the best tourist attractions in the world. Additionally, this place has a wide variety of tourism attractions that are able to attract a wide of variety of international travelers. However, for historical buffs, it is among the best countries to visit, especially if you rent a Range Rover in Turkey.

It has numerous historical attractions owing to its position relative to Europe and Asia. It’s position made it an important part of international trade (especially when the Silk Road thrived), thus making it an important region for empires to control. As such, cities such as Istanbul were of significant importance to the Ottoman Empire and the Byzantine Empire, both of which has it as their capital.

Aside from the city of Istanbul being an attraction, there are other historical attractions to explore with Ays Sofya museum being a must visit attraction. It is described as among the most beautiful building in the world. Its architectural design, and interior and exterior finishing are awe-inspiring. The Ephesus is among the few remaining testaments to the expanse of the Roman Empire. The city-wide monuments of colossal structures and marble-columned roads, give visitors a glimpse into the genius architectural designs that made the Roman Empire what it was.

Another must visit historical attractions is the Sumela Monastery. Standing since the Byzantine era, the Monastery of the Virgin Mary is a spell-binding religious complex along the Black Sea Cost in it’s northeast region. The beauty of the monastery etched into the side of the cliff is a must-see for tourists really looking to understand the history of this country. Other must-visit monuments include Mt. Nemrut, Ani, Aspendos, and Pergamum. A combination, if not all, of these historical monuments, will give you a thorough understanding of the historical development of this country. However, as you might imagine, you will have to engage in a lot of traveling, with a fair bit of the travel being off-road.

It thus makes sense to go for a Range Rover rental in Turkey. These vehicles are among the best 4X4 vehicles in the market. Each model from this brand is designed to offer the best off-roading experience known to man. Additionally, they are also designed to be very easy to drive on tarmacked roads, making them uniquely relevant for a historical tour of this place.

Among the staple characteristics of these vehicles is impeccable interior finishings, offering occupant utmost luxury and comfort during their entire journey. These cars also come with top-of-the-range power trains. Having a powerful engine is crucial for effective off-roading and these cars have powerful engines. These cars also come with efficient and effective safety features that ensure the occupant of the car are safe whenever they travel. If only for a stellar historical tour of Turkey, you should opt to hire a Range Rover in Turkey. Contact us today and book the luxury car of your dreams.

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