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Rent an Audi in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is city that boasts diversity, treasures culture and welcomes visitors. For those who wish to explore Gulf culture, the wide choice of museums, tours and exhibitions won't disappoint. Don't worry if taking ten museum tours a day really doesn't sound like your idea of fun, there's markets to enjoy, a stunning harbor to visit when you rent an Audi in Abu Dhabi and plenty of traditional cafes, the perfect location to watch the world go by. One very popular attraction for visitors is the Arabian Saluki Centre. It is said that the Saluki was one of the first dog breeds to be domesticated, being used by communities to hunt and catch small prey such as rabbits.

During a visit to the Arabain Saluki Centre you will have the endearing opportunity to enter the kennels, meet the exuberant and very affectionate canines and even have the chance to watch bath-time and have a quick puppy cuddle. This dog breed is known both for its beauty, as well as its speed, agility and intelligence. For dog-lovers a visit to the attraction is sure to go down a storm. If spending an afternoon with cute canines doesn't sound up your street, there's plenty more to keep you from getting bored. For example you may enjoy the iconic fort, Qasr Al Hosn. You will have the opportunity to hear the rich heritage of the fort, starting in 1760 as a watchtower to protect the freshwater well, and later becoming the home to the Al Nahyan in 1793.

There is no doubt that this is a city rich in culture, attractions and memorable experiences. When visiting any city, there are a few factors that need to be cared for to ensure that your stay runs smoothly from start to finish. As well as reserving an appropriate hotel and planning your travel to the destination, you also need to think about your travel needs while staying in the city. While some people are happy to rely on public transport, a city break can take on a completely different enjoyment level when it can be enjoyed from the comfort of a luxury car rental. In fact an  Audi rental in Abu Dhabi is an excellent choice.

Choosing luxury car rental gives you the opportunity to really take control of your city stay. It means you can travel where you want, when you want and how you want. Couple that with a car that boasts safety, reliability and style, and it soon become clear why hiring an Audi in Abu Dhabi lets you enjoy the city on a completely different level. So if you are planning a future trip to Abu Dhabi, be sure to do your homework in advance and research the most popular tourist attractions, as well as a few places that are off the beaten track. Once you arrive pick up your luxury car rental, fasten in and enjoy exploring a wonderful city, in a wonderful, stylish vehicle.


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