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Rent a BMW in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi gets some criticism for not being as flashy as its neighboring  Dubai, but it still has its shiny moments. When you visit this place by hiring a BMW in Abu Dhabi, expect to be thrilled by the corniche, a stretch of shore along the Persian Gulf  that offers up beaches for people of all ages together with a sprawling promenade. If you are truly indulgent, a stay at Emirates Palace Hotel will amaze you with its gold vending machines and its world renown cappuccinos featuring flecks of real gold on top of the foam.

There are so many things to see like Qasr al Hosn which is the emirate’s first permanent building and once the home to the Al Nahyan ruling family. It is also home to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque a place of peace and architectural awe. Skyscrapers are just as much a part of the landscape and you will want to see the 29 story twin towers that serve as the Investment Council home and headquarters of the Al Hilal Bank. Its façade resembles a honeycomb and is powered with computerized lights that are also environmentally sound.

In addition to seeing the beach and all the activities on offer on the water, these buildings will amaze everyone in your travel party. But don’t forget there are theme parks to enjoy, too. You won’t want to miss the fastest roller coaster in the world which is the Formula Rossa. For shopping, you can visit traditional souks for souvenirs or lounge around in luxury retail malls. The Galleria on Al Marayah Island is one that will make you feel right at home with hundreds of brand name stores to browse and buy from.

If you want to get a chance to see everything you need to plan how you will get around this place. If you are new to the area, you will want to see as much as possible. To do this,  you could hire a taxi whenever you want to get somewhere. You can also take the buses that run through the city. These do not offer you the most in freedom or convenience. If you want to really get around and see all there is in this city that never sleeps consider renting a BMW in Abu Dhabi. You can get a great vehicle and even have it dropped off to you at your hotel. All you have to do is book your rental with one of our world-class agents at Apex Luxury Car Hire.

You can also get a pick up at the airport and drive yourself to your hotel. The best way to see the city is to hire a BMW in Abu Dhabi for your family or for your other travel companions. Whether you are going to the UAE for pleasure or for business, contact Apex first for the best selection of affordable luxury car rentals. You can get around on your time on your schedule and do it in style.


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