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Rent a Ferrari in UAE

When it comes to high-quality engineering, few people would disagree that the Italian manufacturer known as Ferrari stands out among the crowd. For this reason, it makes sense to rent a Ferrari in UAE whenever you have the opportunity to do so. In this guide, we shall highlight the most enjoyable attractions that you may want to experience while you?re in the United Arab Emirates, and we will also give you some further information in regards to picking a luxury car model that you will enjoy driving.

To begin with, the United Arab Emirates is known for some incredible entertainment, particularly for motoring fans who regularly enjoy attending the popular Grand Prix circuit known as the Yas Marina Circuit. Of course, there are plenty of sporting events available throughout the year, with football, cricket, and tennis being particular highlights. But if you?re looking to experience some of the rich architecture of UAE, then look no further than the many religious sites and mosques which are breathtaking in their design and architectural prowess. Many of these locations will fill you with awe and inspiration regardless of your own religious preferences.

However, it?s safe to say that the biggest thrill of your trip to the United Arab Emirates will be your decision to hire a Ferrari in UAE, so let?s take a closer look at the many different options you can choose from. The California is perhaps one of the most iconic models on the market, and it certainly packs a ton of style and classic looks that make it a dream rental car for many people. It comes with a powerful V8 engine, convertible roof, and comfortable, ergonomic seating that allows you to experience the sheer thrill and excitement that only a supercar can deliver.

The car comes with F1 style paddles and a double clutch gearbox, giving you unrivaled control over your drive ? and you?ll also greatly benefit from the added extras of air conditioning and built in satellite navigation that makes your journey much easier overall. Another popular model has to be the iconic 488, which makes use of the brand?s signature classic styling but kicks it up a notch, to make a car that will easily rival the flagship model of any other manufacturer on the market nowadays.

It comes with a breathtaking 430 horsepower engine that will deliver a 0 to 100 km/h time of just 3 seconds, and the cockpit will give you the driving experience you?ve always wished for. With ergonomic seating designed to give you quick and easy access to everything you need, you?ll soon feel right at home in this car. At the end of the day, choosing a Ferrari rental in UAE is a smart decision for any keen motoring fan, and it?s safe to say that the latest models are some of the best works of engineering ever produced by the famous Italian brand. Ultimately, this means you can?t go wrong by trusting a Ferrari as your sports car rental of choice.

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