Dining Out In Nice – The Best Of The Best

Written by: mihir

The influence of French cuisine and the freshest of local produce from both land and sea mean that the culinary experience for those who visit is among the best in Europe. Testament to this are the number of Michelin Stars that this part of the French Riviera boasts. The sheer number of exceptional dining choices can appear daunting to those who are visiting this destination - however efforts to find cuisine that matches the individual palette and provide an experiences that includes not only great taste but a combination of exceptional service and ambiance are sure to be rewarded.

Here are some of the best choices that the discerning diner can make when in Nice.

Restaurant Le Chantecler

If there is one restaurant that is mentioned in almost every guide to fine dining in Nice it is Restaurant Le Chantecler. The restaurant which is located at the Hotel Negresco which is situated on a prime piece of land that overlooks the Mediterranean. With two Michelin Stars and specializing in traditional French gastronomy this is one of the most respected eateries in Nice. For those visiting the restaurant for the first time the best option is what is called 'The Discovery option'. This allows the diner to sample the most popular dishes on the menu. Adding to the attraction of dining at this venue is the fact that each of the meticulously prepared dishes is paired with a fine wine selected from one of the best cellars in Nice. The restaurant is a wonderful space and lends an 18th century feel to the dining experience. It can be a bit hard on the wallet - but is worth every cent.

La Roustide

Truffles are one of the most treasured ingredients in French cuisine - and at La Roustide truffle based dishes have become somewhat of a signature culinary offering. This restaurant takes the exploration of the truffle to new heights by using all six truffle varieties - all of them locally grown. Even the humble baked potato is taken to new heights. However the menu comes into its own with dishes such as Seabass with Wasabi and truffles. La Roustide also offers some spectacular pasta options and the foie grass should not be missed. This is a restaurant  that is perfect for that intimate dinner and the warm ambiance only adds to the special experience.


What would Mediterranean cuisine be without the ubiquitous olive oil? For one thing its flavors would be much poorer and preparation would lose that certain something that brings out the best in fresh local produce. At Oliviera an endless variety of hand selected olive oils bring to life flavors that serve to enhance every dish. For instance the delights of Tartar are only enhanced by the addition of olive oil originating from the Alpes de Haute Provence. Guests can also purchase olive oils from the on site shop.

Nice is a culinary stop that should not be missed by anyone who is visiting the area. The variety and class of the culinary destinations is simply too good to turn down.