Marbella Nightclub Guide

Written by: mihir

Marbella has long been the center of attraction on the Costa del Sol for a long time, and for good reason. Besides the perfect weather, it has developed to a premium tourist resort with high-end hospitality, shopping facility, and significantly, one of the best nightlife scenes in the world.

Aside from being the destination of choice for the rich, royalty, and the famous, Marbella is the destination of choice for party lovers from around the world. Within the Milla de Oro (Golden Mile) and Puerto Banus, there are numerous local establishments that provide a wide variety of nightlife experience. You might be interested in a relax night, entailing cool music and supremely blended cocktails. You may also be up for a night of wild partying and to binge drinks. Either way, you should discover Marbella with a luxury car.

Herein, we will sample some of the best nightclubs that Marbella has to offer for various occasions.

Nightclubs Found In Milla de Oro

#1. Mask Marbella - Found just right next to Da Bruno A Casa, Mask is one of the best nightclubs in the entire Costa del Sol. The design of the club focuses on providing a luxurious party experience and a night to remember. With the interior design focusing on clean lines in every aspect of the club and a purple and white color setting, you can say that Mask is uniquely Mask. There is no other establishment like it.

#2. Funky Buddha - This club is actually located just outside of the Golden Mil. Nonetheless, it attracts the A-list residents and visitors of the Golden Mile. With a London-style setting and an oriental theme that features the best of the Buddha culture, you are assured of a good relaxing time at Funky Buddha.

#3. Shout - Shout offers a new experience in the nightlife scene on the Golden Mile. It focuses on providing a stellar musical experience, with live music playing all through the night. Shout attendees get to enjoy good music in a glamorous club. Another popular establishment on the Golden Mile is De Place.

Nightclubs Found In Puerto Banus

When compared to the Golden Mile, Puerto Banus has a great deal of more nightclubs in terms of both numbers and variety. In essence, the Golden Mile is the focus for many party goers due to the high concentration of nightclubs. Some of the popular establishments include:

#1. Linekers - For sports lovers, the Linekers is the best place to go. A sports club by the day and a typical club by night, Linekers provides the best of both worlds with uncompromising high-quality service.

#2. Tibu - Located right in the center of the Puerto Banus, Tibu has proved to be a popular establishment. Attendees get to enjoy good music as mixed by the DJ and reasonably priced drinks. Due to its ambiance, it tends attracted a younger crowd looking for a good party.

#3.  Pangea - Pangea is well-known for playing House music and a stellar panoramic view of the Strait of Gibraltar. Located on the marina, this nightclub offers a very luxurious party experience that few clubs can match.

Other popular nightclubs in Puerto Banus include Old Joy's, Salduba, Finca Besaya, Glam, News Café, Sleek, and Moma Fifty Six.