Marbella’s Top Outdoor Activities

Written by: mihir

Marbella is a popular tourist destination which attracts a huge number of tourists each year. The appealing weather and scenic landscape make engaging in outdoor activities in Marbella an attractive proposal. Here is a list of the top outdoor activities to engage in during your time with a luxury car rental in Marbella. 


One of the most popular outdoor activities Marbella has to offer is biking. The rugged mountain biking trails around Costa Del Sol, to be specific, make for heart thumping fun for those who enjoy extreme mountain biking. If you would simply love to explore this amazing destination o a bicycle, consider hiring a Marbella Rent a Bike and get your exploration tour started.

You can also enjoy a different form of biking, riding on Segway scooters, as you explore the rugged but intriguing Marbella landscape.

Driving Fun

For those who prefer riding on four wheels, Marbella has a variety of fun driving activities to offer. Visitors can go on a Go Karting ride off the track, and drive around Marbella with a luxury car, exploring the small villages and awe inspiring settlements up close in these interesting vehicles. It's worth noting that you must hold a driving license to engage in this activity.

If you would prefer to explore the expansive Marbella countryside and wilderness, it is recommended that you go on an off-road exploration tour. Driving a buggy across the challenging Marbella wilderness not only helps you explore hard to reach parts of the area, but also pushes your driving skills to the limit.


Marbella has an enchanting landscape that is both fun and interesting to explore. If you enjoy hiking, you will have a splendid time exploring the extensive trails around this destination. The the El Caminito Del Rey path, located in the Malaga province, is highly popular among hiking enthusiasts due to the numerous historical and scenic sites on it.

Marbella is also a great eco tourism destination. This means that visitors can get to explore the awe inspiring flora and fauna without interfering with the surrounding environment.


Outdoor enthusiasts looking to engage in sports in one way or the other will have a variety of options to choose from. Football enthusiasts can attend a match at the nearby Malaga stadium, home of the Spanish first league team, Malaga. Alternatively, you can go to the Municipal Stadium to watch a Spanish third league football game.

You can also enjoy a wonderful game of foot-golf. The game involves going around a 9 or 18-hole golf course that has been modified to accommodate footballs instead of golf balls. You will have to use your feet instead of golf clubs.

Fishing, Whale And Dolphin Watching

You can also go whale and dolphin watching in the Costa del Sol, where prevailing weather and physical conditions make for an optimum environment. Furthermore, the coast off Marbella is also home to a huge selection of fish species, presenting enthusiasts with a worthwhile fishing opportunity.

Add the above outdoor activities to your Marbella itinerary for a worthwhile holiday experience in this impressive destination.