Restaurant Guide For Milan – Here Are Five Top Picks

Written by: mihir

Did you know that there are nearly 7000 restaurants in Milan? With that many to choose from, you could end up eating at one that is poorly rated if you just pick a name out of a hat so to speak. Once you discover five of the top-ranked dining establishments in Milan, you're going to know where to eat with your family. You're going to be exploring the second most populous city in the entire country, Rome being the first. And you're certainly going to know where to eat after being introduced to these wonderful restaurants.

Sapori Solari, the cocktail bistrot, is currently ranked #1 according to a top travel site. One thing you can expect when you visit this dining establishment is a superb wine list, and people say that cocktails are great, too. Past patrons say that Sapori Solari sources the best ingredients throughout Italy and serves up the best quality food. You may have had delicious cheesecake before, but have you tried it made of bufala cheese? Raw fish dishes are also mentioned in the reviews, and I found that to be quite interesting for an Italian restaurant.

At Bistro Bio, the food is prepared right in front of your very eyes. Don't you just love restaurants like that? They make for a very special treat, and you get that experience when you stop in at Bistro Bio. People say that the staff is friendly and that this dining establishment has a very nice vibe, too. You can expect to see vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, so that will be a nice treat if you decide to go that route.

Then there is My Prime - Food Stories. That is a really interesting name for a restaurant, don't you think? This Italian eatery focuses heavily on seafood, so you're going to find all kinds of great dishes. If seafood entrees are what you crave, then this authentic Italian dining establishment is going to satisfy your palate. Reviews point to the restaurant featuring a great atmosphere, too.

Kowa is an Asian fusion restaurant, so that's something a little different to try while you're in Milan. To be sure, you're going to want your fill of authentic Italian food, but the three other picks mentioned so far provide that in different ways. So to shake things up, maybe you would want to stop by Kowa, a dining establishment known for not just its food but its ambiance. Of course, that's what you expect when you are taking a look at the top restaurants in Milan.

One more solid pick is Zibo Cuochi Itineranti. What you can expect when you eat there is Italian street food. That makes this restaurant a great choice because it's also something just a bit different. How about some ravioli carbonara?

Dine out at one or more of these wonderful restaurants in Milan, Italy, and you're going to have a blast. When picking from  almost 7000 restaurants, it helps to know what's at the top of the list. You know five great places, so you're about to enjoy a delicious meal with your family.