The Best Culinary Destinations In Rome

Written by: mihir

Rome is a city that is filled to the brim with history. It is regarded as a place that provided some of the foundations for philosophy, politics, art and architecture that influenced some of the greatest thinkers across the ages. But Rome is also known for something else - the sheer magnificence of the cuisine that is on offer in the city. People travel to Rome not only for a deep sense of history and critical thought - but also to expose their taste buds to some of the most iconic meals on the planet.

So, when in Rome which restaurants are great choices to really explore the flavors that make this destination so rewarding for foodies?


Modern Italian comfort cooking at its very best - with a healthy dollop of sheer invention thrown in for good measure. Only the freshest ingredients are used by the team of expert chefs. Classics such as carbonara should not be ignored nor should some of the rich sauces that make their pasta dishes a delight. However there are also delights such as the Swordfish carpaccio. They even have a buffalo mozzarella tasting plate and some very intriguing 'tapas' style offerings. the wine menu is also exceptional.


The joys of the humble Roman trattoria should not be ignored. Cesare ticks all the boxes when it comes to classic Roman style dishes - from decadent starters to pasta and some excellent mains. However there is one type of cuisine that really does shine and that is their pizza. Bases as light as cloud and the freshest ingredients make them a delight. even the simplicity of a plain tomato base with olive oil will have you begging for more. There's a great rule governing where to find the best meals in a city that is new to you - follow the locals - and this dining destination attracts them in droves.

Assaggia Roma

If there is one menu choice that stands out at this great dining destination it is the tasting menu. It allows the diner to explore just what it is that makes Roman cuisine shine. The are 6 courses that offer insight into fabulous cheeses, delicious classic fried zucchini flowers, an exciting carbonara option and some of the best meatballs that Rome has to offer in a thick and luscious tomato based sauce. It really is incredible food in an place that boasts beautiful gardens and the option of enjoying alfresco meals make it just that little bit more special.

La Tavernaccia

Take a trip back in time courtesy of this venue and the foods that offer that prized Roman combination of the freshest ingredients, simplicity of approach and friendly service that makes for a great dining experience. The 'misto affettati' is a great place to start a culinary journey. Cured and aged meats and cheeses that are filled to the brim with authentic flavors. Ignoring the main even of a suckling pig would deprive the diner of an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Rome is a city of deep and complex flavors combined with an approach to food that is at the same time the essence of simplicity. If you are a tourist driven to find a culinary Nirvana then Rome should be on your bucket list.