The Top 3 Things You Need To Do in Marbella

Written by: mihir

Since the Second World War, Marbella has been a playground for the rich and famous. First popularized by Ricardo Soriano after the war, it would later become the holiday destination of choice for the wealthy owing to the influence of Prince Alfonso of Hohenlohe-Langenburg after he opened the Marbella Club.

However, Prince Alfonso is not the last of nobility to impart their influence on this city. The royal family of Saudi Arabia maintains a slew of holiday properties in the area just like a few British aristocrats do. As such, this part of Costa del Sol is a famous holiday destination.

As you can appreciate, owing to its reputation this city tends to attract the rich and famous and has developed a reputation for being among the best holiday destination in the world. So, what is the lifestyle like in South Spain, you may ask. Herein are the top three things to do in this location. These define the city better than any other characteristics for the inhabitants and especially the visitors.

1. The Nightlife: Marbella has carved out a reputation as the party capital of Europe. The nightlife scene in this part of the world features a variety of establishments, including of some of the best nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, and night bars in the world. It does not matter the kind of ambiance you fancy, you can be certain of finding an establishment that has it.

The Golden Mile and Puerto Banus, two of the premium and exclusive locations in Marbella are the center stage for the nightlife. They are home to establishments such as the Suite, The Playwright, La Sala, El Jardin, Living Room, Lemmon, Sunset Marbella, and Pangea. Regardless of how you want to spend your night, this place will make it happen.

2. The Beach Life: The coastal mountains of the Cordillera Penibética protect the city from the north. Consequently, it has a microclimate that consists of an average annual temperature of 64 °F (18 °C). As such, it receives plenty of sunshine virtually all year. That and the fact that this place has some of the best beaches in the Costa del Sol region (24 in total) gives make for an enjoyable time at the beach.

Some of the most frequented beaches include Artola Beach, Venus Beach, Fontanilla Beach, Fora Beach, Funny Beach, and the Cabopino Beach which is one of the few naturalist beaches in Marbella. With plenty of sunshine and the soothing breeze blowing in your face, you can have plenty of fun in any of these beaches.

3. The Sightseeing And Shopping: Finally, sightseeing and shopping are other popular things that define Marbella. The region, just as is the case with their entire country of Spain has plenty of history and attractions to enjoy. In this case, the Old Town is a popular attraction to begin your sightseeing experience. Whilst in this part of the town, make a point of visiting Ermita del Santo Cristo (the Old Christian building), and the Pateo de Los Naranjos. They are mesmerizingly beautiful.

Next up, you can elect to explore the Golden Mile and Puerto Banus with its glitzy aura and engage in some shopping. These two locations epitomize the reputation of the city as the home of the rich and famous, and thus they will give you a sense of what life in Marbella is all about.

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