Your Marbella Restaurant Guide

Written by: mihir

Marbella, located on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain, is home to some unique and interesting restaurants, over 1000 to be exact. While dining in Spain, are you in the mood for some delicious wine and a nice juicy steak? A steakhouse made the top five restaurants for this Marbella guide, and you will like all the other selections, too. You almost can't go wrong in this city when you are picking from the cream of the crop.

You can use this Marbella car rental guide and then visit the restaurant that serves the food you are craving. Le Coco Rico is currently the #1 restaurant in the city according to a top travel site, and this establishment is located on Avenida Duque de Ahumada in the Marbell Center. Your beqdhfront dining experience can feature lobster ravioli, hamburgers, cheesecake and much more. Le Coco Rico looks like it would certainly be a treat based on the menu highlights and reviews.

Are you ready for that steakhouse? It is Buenos Aires Steak House, located on Calle Tetuan No 5. Aside from that delicious steak, you can enjoy those empanadas people love so much. Let's keep this guide moving along so that you get a bigger idea of the finest restaurants available in Marbella, Spain.

The Farm is located in Plaza Altamirano n2. Have you ever tried eggplant chips before? They have all kinds of unique eats, and according to the reviews, The Farm serves up a delicious chocolate mousse. That should be a reminder for you to save room for dessert when you are dining at the best locations all throughout Marbella, Spain.

Next up on the list of top restaurants in Spain is Garnacha, which is located on Calle Olivos. It is known for its tapas, duck, tacos, cod and more according to what the reviewers say. The ambiance is said to be like summer inside, lit up. Another review talks about how some restaurants can of course be closed in the area during the off season, but not this one.

Pasta Caffe is located on Calle El Califa, and this unique restaurant is top ranked for many reasons. If you are in Marbella, this is great food and the opportunity for outdoor dining. The Plaza Bistro is another popular spot, and they are known for a particular specialty for starters, homemade apple pie. According to the reviews, the restaurant also serves up a great Sunday roast, and it is a great spot for brunch.

You have been taken all over the great city of Marbella, Spain. This restaurant guide is going to help you and yours enjoy some excellent dining experiences for sure. The province of Malaga in southern Spain is a very cool place for a vacation. You can enjoy so many great things to do there, and you have many great Marbella restaurants to visit. To not leave you short on top picks, you get three more restaurant names to round things out. Three more top Marbella restaurants are Sirocco, Tuk Tuk Asian Fusion and Celebrities Gold Restaurant Pizzeria.