4 Historic Places Found in London, England

Written by: mihir

Europe is one of the most beautiful continents on Earth, and certainly one of the most history-filled. And one such European city that is renowned for its history and cultural significance is London, England. If you have the opportunity and privilege to visit London, you will no doubt get so much more out of your trip when you stop by and behold some of the most historic landmarks within the city for yourself. So in this article, we will talk about 4 historic places found in London, England that you should definitely make a point to see.

Big Ben

The first historic place on our list is Big Ben, a 16-story Gothic national timepiece that is a wonder to witness when wandering the streets of London. This clock tower is 315 feet tall and was first opened up to the public in 1859. It stands at the Palace of Westminster's north end and the Houses of Parliament's eastern end.

London Eye

What is better than being able to enjoy riverside views in London while observing the city from the top of a Ferris wheel? Certainly, not much! The London Eye is an observation wheel where visitors and locals alike can get incomparable views of the city of London and its landmarks. Located on London's River Thames' South Bank, the London Eye is the largest Ferris wheel in all of Europe. It is 443 feet high and welcomes nearly four million visitors each year. Be sure to take a ride if you want to enjoy the bird's-eye views of London that this landmark has to offer.

Buckingham Palace

In London, you can visit the home of the British Queen, and what is more awesome than that? When at Buckingham Palace, you can tour private and staterooms, as well as witness the changing of the guard. It is located in Westminster, having opened in 1703, and it is an icon for the people of England during times of rejoicing as well as times of mourning. It is certainly worth a visit when in London, especially when it comes to honoring the history and government of the British people.

Tower of London

England is a country of deep and rich history, and not all of its history is pleasant. The Tower of London certainly attests to that fact. This castle is lovely to behold and is available for tours in modern times. But in its past, the Tower of London was a prison that held those part of the royal family as well as those who were considered common. It was very likely that if you were given a stay in the tower you were to be executed. These days, it holds the crown jewels and is a standing testament to the past of England and a sign of hope for the future.

In conclusion, visiting London will give you no shortage of historical places to stop by. We recommend you make it a point to witness each on this list for memories that will last you for a lifetime.