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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In London

London is undoubtedly one of the greatest cities in the planet and attracts hordes of visitors coming to explore its many cultural and historic attractions. How this relates to hiring a luxury car will be explained shortly. London's 2000+ years of history is not trapped in glass cases (although venues like the British Natural history Museum are unmissable attractions) it's there to be enjoyed in the flesh. Where else in the world would you be able to have a pint of beer in the same watering hole that featured in the daily lives of thinkers such as Charles Dickens, George Orwell or more recently David Bowie, or visit a pub mentioned in The Canterbury Tales?

Then there is of course the cuisine. London is home to so many fabulous dining destinations as to almost defy numbering (including a number of highly acclaimed Michelin Star designated venues). You will be paying a pretty penny to take a seat at tables at venues such as Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester, Restaurant Gordon Ramsay or Le Gavroche.

For those who want to take in a night at the theatre, London has destinations that have seen the greats strut their stuff on the stage. The West End is home to The Savoy Theatre (built for Gibert and Sullivan's comic operas), the Adelphi Theatre, the Apollo Theatre and the London palladium (and many more almost too numerous to mention).

London is also home to Savile Row, a street that manitains its reputation as the premier destination for those who want bespoke clothing. At an outlet like Henry Poole & Co at suit can take a highly skilled tailor up to 12 weeks to hand stitch - and the lucky owner will be happy to walk away with change from around 5,000 pounds.

The city is also home to Lombard Street which can be found in a square mile of London and built its reputation as home to some of the most influential banking, insurance and mercantile operations in the world. Brexit may have dented the reputation of London - but the area still hums with the sound of commerce, the smell of extremely large amounts of money changing hands, not least at some of the most opulent nightclubs in the world. It is also home to some of the most exclusive 'gentlemen's clubs' where nothing so crass as cold hard cash may change hands - but deals are forged that can still make or break a business empire.

If there is a thread running through any description of London it is both style and money. It has been estimated that the city is currently home to around 10,700 multi-millionaires (worth over USD 10m).

Hire A Luxury Vehicle in London For An Amazing Experience

This is not a city where would be movers and shakers can arrive at a top flight business or entertainment destination in a Black Cab. It is a city where appearance and social standing can open any number of doors - and see others close just as rapidly if the correct form is not observed. this is one of the reasons why luxury car rental is so popular with those who are visiting the city for business or pleasure.

There is simply something about a luxury automobile that means a passenger (or driver) is aware of the finer things in life - and that tends to gain the attention of the gatekeepers to some of London's most cherished venues. It's almost impossible to get stable at one of London's most famous restaurants without booking months ahead - or being a darling of the mass media (or a sporting luminary), however for those who do arrive for that long anticipated seat at the highest of tables arriving in the latest Rolls Royce (or a classic) or a Maybach will certainly not hurt their party's chances of better seating and perhaps a personal visit from the head chef or owner themselves.

Of course, those two marques are not the only two that can cause heads to turn and the paparazzi to reach into their camera bags. London has a wide variety of luxury car rental agencies - and the choice of which luxury lease to choose is one that will cause the most ardent and picky of automobile lovers to agonize over that choice. Favourite marques include supercars from Astin Martin, Bugatti, Maserati, Koenigsegg, Ferrari and Lamborghini, as well as many other exotic models and makes. There are of course the epitome of upper class class transportation options available from Bentley and Rolls Royce. Executive transport from Mercedes Benz (think Maybach), BMW and Porsche are other options. Still other discerning customers may prefer one of the newer 4x4 models from some of the most prestigious auto companies in the world. These offer intimidating presence and heights of luxury that would have only been dreamed of a generation ago - examples include the latest from Bentley, the Bentayga, Jaguar's F-Pace or the Audi Q7. The choice is seemingly never ending.

Of course, entry into those hard to access venues and a level of diffidence are only a few of the reasons for luxury car hire. For the businessman (or woman) a prestige motor vehicle provides an air of gravitas and an impression of power and excellence that is closely associated with the offerings from top marques. A luxury car rental almost ensures that a presentation in one of the city's boardrooms, or a working lunch will have those who disembark from one of those vehicles taken extremely seriously.

Then there is the simple joy of exploring London and its surrounds closeted in luxury or enjoying access to unrivaled power. The availability of the chauffeur driven option available from many luxury car rental agencies simply adds to the allure.

Put simply, there can be no better way to enjoy London than through the lease of a luxury car. It elevates the experience a whole new level of pleasure, it is an option for the truly discerning who know that they are (often literally) going places.

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