Best Outdoor Activities In Los Angeles

Written by: mihir

Los Angeles is a city that enjoys a mild weather all year round. There are endless things you can enjoy with your family and friends. From exploring Griffith Park and horseback riding to the Hollywood sign, to surfing the ocean waves and biking through lesser crowds, you will definitely have a good time. If you are in for an extreme adventure, here are some of the best outdoor activities that will make your visit to Los Angeles in a luxury car worthwhile and more exciting.

Griffith Park is one of the largest urban parks in America. You can enjoy the 53 miles of trails, picnic areas, and museums within the vast 4,310 acres of land and get lost in the urban wild. Where else could you have the chance to encounter coyotes, caves, and canyons in the middle of the city? If you are looking for a place to explore during your stay in Los Angeles, make sure Griffith Park is part of your itinerary.

Did you know that tourists and even locals can enjoy a horseback riding tour under the Hollywood sign? Participants can enjoy the fantastic views of Los Angeles and its iconic Hollywood sign. You do not have to worry because the horses are trained for a gentle and comfortable ride. It is a 2-hour outdoor activity, and some tour providers offer hotel pickup and drop-offs for a better and hassle-free experience. Some providers even offer a side-trip to Griffith Park for a more adventurous experience.

If you love going to the beach and catching some waves, surfing is an outdoor activity offered in LA. For first time surfers, there are local surf guides that will teach you the basics of surfing. Beginners can learn how to surf with endless small waves while experts can head toward the bigger waves. Thousands of people from all ages continue to join surfing lessons, and they keep on coming back. You do not have to worry about the suit and equipment to be used because they are made from the best and safest materials.

Go to Santa Monica or Venice Beach if you want to bike through lesser crowds. These 2 are LA's most iconic beaches that are definitely worth visiting. You can bike along the Marvin Braude Trail to enjoy the views of palm trees. Enjoy the scenic view of the area and make stops along the way and catch some waves or just sit on the shore, but make sure to rent a lock to secure your bike.

If you are just in Los Angeles for a short vacation, plan ahead of time to make the most out of your trip. Do your research and take down notes on what places you will visit and things you will do. For big groups, there are many promotions that tour providers offer to make your adventure more fun but at a lesser price. LA is a breathtaking place to discover. Whether you are a local or a tourist, the city has something for everyone. Come and visit the City of Angels and bring out your adventurous side.