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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Los Angeles

Luxury Car Rental Los Angeles is the ideal way to explore the city in consummate style. Los Angeles means 'The Angels' also is known as L.A. It is the second most populated city in the United States, after New York City, with a metropolitan population of some 18 million people.

The area was first settled by the indigenous tribe the Tongva and Chumash thousands of years ago. Founded in 1781, by the Spanish, the city was conquered by Mexico in 1821, by 1848 Los Angeles had been bought by the United States. It's nickname is the City of Angels, and is a strong financial centre as well as excelling in trade, entertainment, fashion, science and many others, it is ranked 7th on the Global city index. Hollywood is famed throughout the world, and lies within Los Angeles.

Luxury Car Hire Los Angeles is the ideal way to get the most of the city. In 1542, the Spanish Empire claimed the area of Southern California and by 1771, the first mission was built in the area. In 1781, the first settlers numbering 44 started what was to be Los Angeles. Originally dedicated to the Virgin Mary they called the town "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of Angels of the Porciuncula River'. Two thirds of the settlers were mulatto and this ethnic diversity remains to this day.

By 1820, its population had reached 650 people and by 1876 the railroads finally arrived. After that the city grew and grew and when in 1892 Oil was found success was assured. In 1900, the population had grown to one hundred thousand, which created problems for the water supply, but by 1913 the Aqueduct had been created making sure that the city would continue to grow. By 1923, California had become the largest oil producers, drilling 25% of the world’s output.

In 1910, Hollywood started making films with over 10 movie companies in the city, by 1921 80% of the world’s films were created in Hollywood. This film production protected Los Angeles from the poverty of the Great Depression and by 1930 its population had reached a million. Since then Los Angeles has continued to grow and continued to innovate. In 1969 the internet was born when a transmission was sent from the University of California.

Things to Do In Los Angeles
Los Angeles is one of the greatest places in the US. From the Venice Beach to Disneyland, LA has everything you need to have for a good time. Here’s a list of things you can do in Los Angeles:

LA has some really great beaches. And trust us; they really are worth hanging out in. Dive, surf, or just lie in the sun if you need to. They’ll surely get you in a great mood. There’s a lot you can do in LA’s beaches; and we’re pretty sure it’ll be really fun. You can check out the Hollywood Walk of Fame, view the famous hand and foot prints at Chinese Theatre, and if you’re lucky enough, you might even get to catch a glimpse of an actual celebrity. They’re never too far from LA.

Who doesn’t want to check Rodeo Drive out? The two-mile-long street is everything you can need to get yourself a great time. You’ll come across some of the world’s most luxurious shops selling a lot of great stuff. Los Angeles Conservancy walking tours will take you through some of the city’s most beautiful buildings. They’re really worth checking out, and are some of the best pieces of work you might find anywhere in the city. Disneyland; it should be enough of a reason to visit LA. You can choose to visit one of the world’s best and most fun amusement parks, based entirely on everything you’ve loved since your childhood. It has some really great rides and other-fun-stuff to do.

Your experience in LA can’t get any better than catching a game at the Dodger Stadium. It’s one of the greatest places for major league basketball. It has hosted eight World Series until now. 

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