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The Best Luxury Cars To Rent In Steiermark

Luxury car rental Steiermark is a real treat and simply the best way of experiencing this region in Austria.

Steiermark (German) otherwise known as Styria (English) is located in the southeast of Austria. Its capital city is Graz. The area has been inhabited since the Stone Age with many different empires and tribes taking over and ruling. The word ‘Styria’ is linked to ancient Steyr the ruling Oktar dynasty. Both use the same coat of arms of a white Panther on a green background.

Steiermark’s main economy revolves around the service sector, whereas in the past it was based on the manufacturing sector. Styria has the strongest economy in Austria and continues to grow financially and in population. Styria is base to many clean-tech (clean technology) companies, and 12 of these are leaders in this world technology field, these companies have an average growth rate of over 22 percent and created 2000 green jobs in 2008 alone.

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There is plenty to see here in Styria as the area has had much history. There is a huge selection of monasteries, churches and castles to see here and all in different styles with some Roman, some Slav, Hungarian and some Germanic. There is a huge creative history here and much of it has been told in the many theatres and concert halls that fill the area. It should also be noted that none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger was born here. There are many exhibitions all over Styria and these can range from traditional to contemporary, there is a good social scene in the capital Graz as well, so plenty for you to enjoy during your stay.

Rent a luxury car Steiermark it’s the finest way to experience everything that this beautiful region has to offer in style.

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