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Rent a Volkswagen in Austria

If you're looking for a hardworking and reliable car to get you from A to B, then you need look no further than the humble Volkswagen. These well-made German vehicles are notorious for their precision engineering and quality construction, and they certainly make for an excellent choice when you're considering which rental car you'd like to pick. Of course, if you're planning to rent a Volkswagen in Austria, then you're going to be thrilled with the experience in a variety of ways. In this guide, we will show you several of the top models that are currently available for rental these days, and you will also learn more about some of the best things to see and do while you are staying in this country - so let's take a closer look.

Firstly, the country of Austria is well known for some of its delightful architecture, so if this is subject that interests you, then you'll feel right at home in the cities of Salzburg and Vienna in particular. Some of the highlights to see will be the Salzburg Cathedral, the Salzburg Fortress, and even the Austrian National library in Vienna - all of which features some breathtaking artwork and architectural skill. But choosing the appropriate Volkswagen rental in Austria may take some consideration, so let's examine your options.

The Polo is a timeless classic from the Volkswagen brand, and ever since it first hit the roads back in 1975, it has become one of the bestselling cars in all of Europe - and it has even won a world car of the year award in 2010, which just goes to show how popular this model truly vehicle is. The car features quality engineering throughout, with plenty of space for all of the passengers and more headroom than many of the alternatives. When it comes to fuel economy the car is also exceptional, with an average of 56 mpg, making it one of the most economical rentals on the market.

Alternatively, you may prefer to rent a Golf, which is an equally popular model and comes with even more space to keep all of your passengers happy. The car boasts a roomy 380 L boot, and the spacious back seats mean it's great for longer drives with all of the family. What's more, the car is highly prized for its low fuel consumption, as it will usually give you an average of 60 mpg without any trouble at all. It's also nice to know that the car comes equipped with many of the best safety features in the business, meaning it will always keep you safe and sound in any circumstance.

Overall, choosing to hire a Volkswagen in Austria is a sensible choice to make if you're planning to explore everything the country has to offer and you're expecting to spend a good deal of time on the road. The car will keep all your passengers comfortable, and these vehicles are also very enjoyable to drive in virtually any condition - so it's safe to say you won't regret your choice.

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