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Rent a Chauffeur Car in Lyon

Museums, cultural events, meandering cobbled streets and culinary delights; just a few of the things that await you during a visit to Lyon. It's a French city that is jam-packed with places to see, activities to take part in, tours to enjoy and food to remember. In fact, below a few of the popular activities are briefly outlined.

Take a look around the Galerie le Réverbère. This is a photography gallery that boasts a modern, contemporary vibe, the Galerie le Réverbère is home to everything from sculptures to illustrations and paintings.  If you do visit this museum, be sure to take the time to drink a great cup of coffee at the café associatif, you'll see plenty of local bohemians and be able to soak up a truly cultural atmosphere.

Head to Bec De Jazz for a late night musical experience. Ran by Chango Dei, pianist and painter, this place is somewhere between a bar and a concert venue. Downstairs you will find house wine and punch at reasonable prices, coupled with a retro atmosphere and musical vibe. Head upstairs to the candle-lit rooms where the music happens, headed by Chango Dei at the piano. To enjoy the full atmosphere and ambiance of this incredible find, there's little point in getting here before 11:00 in the evening. From midnight on things really get started.

For a record and book fusion you should head to Librairie Grand-Guignol with your Lyon chauffeur. Swiss punk, poetry, vinyls, European literature; you'll find it all under one roof at Librairie Grand-Guignol. As well as browsing the store you may be able to enjoy one of the many host readings, concerts or dance shows, a common feature at this unique venue.

It's very clear that the city has plenty to see and do. With a choice of museums that allow you to step back in time to re-live pretty much any part of the French history, as well as an abundance of inspirational art galleries, music events and dance shows, the one and only problem with this place is having to say a sad goodbye. As is the case for many cities, one of the best ways to make wise use of your time and energy is to have your own transport during your stay.

Of course you could opt for your own car rental, in fact this place provides some great choices in the line of luxury car hire. However to truly enjoy the city in style, why not opt for a high-class chauffeur service in Lyon? Navigating a city, finding parking, choosing the best route and generally dealing with city traffic is no easy feat. In fact the whole ordeal can quickly transform your planned for relaxing city break into a nightmare few days. So if you want to enjoy the joys of the city and all that this city has to offer, without the stress of driving, then opt for a private chauffeur in Lyon, it could make all the difference.

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