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Rent a Mini Cooper in Lyon

The city of Lyon is one that the French are very proud of and for good reason. It's a city that knows how to treat both locals and tourists to mouth-watering traditional cuisine, cultural experiences and, of course, plenty of shopping opportunities. Whether you have visited the city many times, or will be a virgin tourist to this French destination, there's a few attractions and sights that should definitely make your itinerary. We've outlined them for you below.

Take a visit to Croix Rousse. Apparently, everyone has an inner hippie, if you haven't found yours yet, Croix Rousse is sure to help you discover it. Impromptu flea markets, an abundance of second hand vintage stores and some rather inspirational street art, Croix Roussee is all about being bold, colorful and memorable.

Alternatively when you hire a Mini Cooper in Lyon, how bout doing a spot of grocery shopping at Paul Bocuse Les Halles, a food market like no other? If your budget allows you to visit one of chef Paul Bocuse's restaurants during your stay in the city, your taste buds will be in for a treat to truly relish. If, on the other hand, your budget or time frame doesn't allow such a restaurant reservation, then at least get your groceries at Paul Bocuse Les Halles. It's the market where all of the top chefs of this city buy their supplies, once you see the produce you'll understand why. There is usually plenty of samples to try and a foodie buzz that will give you a real feeling for living like the French.

This is a city that is bustling with noise, energy, color and traffic. The best way to see the city and visit the attractions, while making the best use of your time, is to have your own set of wheels during your stay. For an iconic and comfortable city car, consider Mini Cooper rental in Lyon. Not only does this car know how to make a great first impression, boast an element of grown-up fun and perform very well both on the open road and in city traffic, it's also the perfect size for city driving. That means that if there's a small parking space right outside your planned-for attraction, a large luxury vehicle may not stand a chance of getting parked, but your versatile vehicle will happily comply.

Built for cities, designed for comfort and created for adults who know how to embrace fun, if you choose to rent a Mini Cooper in Lyon, you may never rent a different city car again. So whether you plan to spend your time in the area enjoying the fine dining and foodie opportunities that are in abundance, visiting the cultural spots that are scattered throughout the area or simply filling your agenda with plenty of relaxation time, a luxury ride will be more than happy to partner up with you. To combine grown-up fun with practical style, a luxury vehicle has to be the way to go.

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